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  1. I've read most of the forum posts about the various ways to setup and configure a Captive Portal on the Mark IV... I'm purchasing an Elite WiFi Pineapple Mark IV Kit in a few weeks and I'd like to setup some sort of system, so when people join my Pineapple they're greeted by a nice Local Web Page explaining some details about the free hotspot project going on around the state blah blah blah. It's not for phishing or hiding scripts etc... but more for giving the information that I want to get out there. I would like for users to have the option of completely ignoring the page if they want, or
  2. ok awesome, that saves me pineappe juice and money. i will use the pineapple in the way it was designed and not at all for a wireless personal hotspot. thanks for the fast reply
  3. Sorry to DOUBLE POST!!! Ok so I've been poking around for hours now and I've thought about running a Raspberry Pi with another battery, which seemed simple. But then I stumbled upon a great little device named a "Vonets WiFi Bridge". This is great news! Anyway if anyone is searching for a link don't hesitate to ask. It's worth mentioning that there's a 802.11n 150mbps version on the official Vonets website too! Obviously if there's a more simple way pls share your knowledge ;P Ta.
  4. G'day guys and gals, I'm new to this forum and I think HAK5 is the best source of IT security related info on YouTube because there's endless information and I've learnt a lot! It's probably been discussed many times on this forum, but here I go anyway because I think it's the right time to ask my question: Is there any way to connect to my ZTE MF91 personal 4G WiFi hosptspot (802.11n/g/b) with the Pineapple Mark IV wirelessly? Basically I want to somehow relay my 4G hotspot through the Pineapple so the internet becoms available without the need for cables and extraneous devices. This would
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