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  1. I hack for freedom for everyone, I have a code of ethics that I never steal and I respect peoples privacy. But if you are evil and want to do destruction look out. I do not care which side you say you are on. I work hard to make sure the truth comes out. Even if I have to sit in a man-hole and tap in to reveal it. Our freedom is sacred a lot of people died to give it to us and too many are willing to give it away, and too many are willing to take it away.
  2. I agree, that is why I said to keep it positive from now on. But I will never leave a negative unanswered.
  3. You and your buddy Mr. Protocol were useless. Your partner Mr. Protocol was even too scared to let me speak freely, so he shut down and locked me out of adding to the other forum topic to hide the truth about Hak5 and its lack of response, and I am a Dick? Enough Negative! now lets look to the positive from here on.
  4. Yes with a lot of effort, I was able finally to contact people who care. Sara and Shannon. I give them 10 stars ********** and five smiles :-) :-) :-) :-) :-).
  5. See how a few minutes with some one who cares solves problems.
  6. Dear Shannon, Yes! I checked all areas and both E-mails both Earthlink and Hotmail that I used to send out. I thought that my first Emails from Earthlink might have been blocked by the system it happened to me once before someone blocked all Earthlink emails so mine had not gotten through. So I checked everything and I could not find any emails that came to me from Sara or Hak5. Thank you so much for helping me with this situation. I do not trust UPS and I will tell you why. My son bought a Large screen TV and UPS said it was delivered but it was not, then after they st
  7. Mr. Protocol If that is true then prove it because I received none period. "Hak5 goes above and beyond for customer service" That is Bullshit because I would not be posting here if that was even the slightest bit true. So you cut me off that helps a lot.

  8. I will hold off on the call and see if Shannon helps. You see I am fair about things. You sound like you are blowing a bolt. Just calm down and help get this problem resolved that's all I want. I am not hard to do business with. Maybe because I hack I learned to never give up.
  9. There is nothing irrational about covering your "a" when you have hundreds of dollars invested in a product and you follow protocol,l and get "0" response. Maybe you like throwing money away, I do not like to be hacked. I just received an email from Shannon ( Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that emailing Paul, Jenn, Darren, Mubix, and myself doesn't really help with shop concerns. Mubix is not employed by hak5, Paul and Jenn are no longer with the company. Darren and I work on the podcast (so if we receive and email from the shop, we just forward it to the same inbox,
  10. Yea I have my first real home phone number to some one at Hak5 I will call it and see if I can get any care from Hak5 tomorrow.(I will not put the number here because I respect and want to protect their privacy) If it was a business number I would post it right away.
  11. HAK5 policy If, for any reason, you never received your package, we can help you sort this out.(This is all I am asking for) Bring it to our attention. (I have been trying to do that)We leave tracking your order up to you after we have sent it out. Email us regarding your inquiry and attach your original receipt with Order Number. (I have done this to every email address you have on your website)
  12. I am a man of action! Like a dog with a bone I will not let go until I feel that a fair resolution has been reached.
  13. All I want is for HAK-5 to be involved a little. To let me know one of three things First that they will replace the items that were lost, or Second that they are working with UPS to get my shipment to me, or Third that they will credit my credit card. Is that too much to ask? So again I say they are not doing their due diligence at all. I own a company and I make sure all my customers are happy. And if one has a problem I go out of my way or have one of my employees do what ever it takes to resolve the issue in a fair and responsible manner.
  14. My Camera's only show that they never stopped here at all They do not see beyond the range of a few hundred feet from my house so all they saw was the truck passing and not stopping at all and that was at 1:48 and not 1:45. The recording shows no stopping of a truck at my house. Yes, I may have started the ball rolling, but that is not what UPS wants. You can see the exact information from UPS's website above they put all the responsibility in the lap of the sender. But I do not want to be cheated and do not want HAK5 to be cheated so I did my Due Diligence despite the poor response from
  15. I did call UPS right away and copied the recording of the truck passing at 1:48 and not stopping and also that no one was at my house at 1:45. UPS says that I should call the sender and I posted what they say on their website. They say it is the senders responsibility not the receiver to make the complaint "read above". I talked with UPS and started the ball rolling but they said I have to contact the sender to officially make the report. That is what I tried to do by every means possible even texting their text only phone number and all their emails to no avail. I got no response at all. Of c
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