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  1. Dear All, This may be very interesting. In my mind using Torsocks could provide more flexibility and options than anything else. I have been using Tor hidden services with the wifi pineapple. For me the big benefit is that it makes setting up and anonymising (in principle), a reverse ssh session, more straightforward. I would welcome feedback here or differing opinions? Whilst Torsocks (I think) will be easier and more flexible in the long run to setup and use, my question would be "does it offer the same levels of anonymity as Tor hidden services?" However, for me (and I may be missing something), there are 3 main negative points using Tor hidden services; Tor startup is CPU and RAM intensive, so much so it does cause reliability issues, i.e. initial boot up frequently crashes. For the reverse shell I only seem to be able to get a combination of Dropbear and OpenSSH to work (I think further exacerbating the first point as OpenSSH has a larger memory footprint). I can't get autossh to work, so have to cludge this without autossh, my suspicion being that this is to do with the mix of Dropbear and OpenSSH. I'm assuming that point 1 above will be the same whether Tor hidden services or Torsocks are used, can anyone confirm or refute this point please? I'm hopeful the new version of the Alfa hardware with more memory will help.
  2. Dear All, Many thanks for your responses. Most useful. Just to add clarity, by "factory reset" I pressed the button on the under side of the wifi Pineapple for approx. 5 seconds. This was confirmed when I booted again as there was the stock openWRT welcome screen. I do like the idea of doing a "rm -rf via SSH". Is there a method to over write this file space with zero's ? Again, many thanks in advance
  3. Dear All, I carried out a factory reset and have re-flashed my wifi Pineapple (AP121U) via UART, I follow the instructions and all seems to go well. However, I noticed that configuration files that I had modified before the factory reset and re-flashing, have maintained there modified content and timestamp. It would appear that the factory reset and flashing has not done a full / clean install. Firstly, have I missed something? Also, is there a way that I can over write the memory to completely "wipe" my AP121U? I WOULD IMAGINE THAT A LOT OF CARE WOULD BE NEEDED TO PREVENT "BRICKING"! Many thanks in advance
  4. Dear All, Does anyone have, know about and / or can direct me to a working download of connect.c ( https://savannah.gnu.org/maintenance/connect.c ) for use on a wifi pineapple? Alternatively something that already exists that functions as connect.c to allow ssh to use Tor? Many thanks in advance
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