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  1. ooooooooooooooooo yeah spiceworks ohhhhh yeah i have that on my lab enviroment cool
  2. thanks man means a lot i thought that no one would ever post on my thread but thanks
  3. Hi Guys I just want to know what tools and technics are you guys using as windows admin to tackel everyday works loads iin your enviroment and what recommendation that you have for me a person who is new at windows administration work. Tools for local and admin (Troubleshooting locally on PC) Tools for remote admin Tools for monitoring user activity on PC Tools for Network monitory and others And yes can you guys provide some cool tools for helping making life easy with AD(Active Direcotry). my understanding of AD is very low as i have just started to work in an enterprise enviroment i am introduced to this windows NOS. If anyone is so kind to help with a few more information on AD and some tools to help make my life easy that will be so great. cant wait for the feedback
  4. Thanks digip i have been trying to find that program and have finally found it Its called GridMove Yes i use all those programs like fences for grouping my icons and anoither program i love is called Switcher its like the the mac windows switcher. but now i have all the apps i need to do my multitasking perpose.
  5. Hi guys i dont remember what was that program where you can sectionallise the desktop to place different program windows and its a justable i remember it was in on of the epesiods but i dont remember its similar to GridVista any ideas dont remember any help please
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