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  1. Running v1.8 on firmware 2.8.0. Having issues getting my USB WiFi Adapter (WUSB600N) to connect to anything. It comes up at wlan1, and both the logical and physical interfaces are enabled. As soon as I try to commit anything, the logical interface wlan1 will disable itself, and the physical interface line for "radio1" will go from... radio1 wlan1 enabled [Random Mac] to radio1 - enabled I have tried with unprotected networks, and a network protected with WPA2 with no luck whatsoever. Let me know if I can do anything to help. Thanks.
  2. I see. Is there any other alternatives? I might be out of my depth here, but it appears the NHA is significantly less powerful (500mW vs 2000mW ?). While the NHA will probably work well for my purposes, I don't have a problem with spending a little bit more money, or having to work a little harder to get something to work, if it means better performance. Sidenote: I actually have a WUSB600n v1 (by Cisco/Linksys) that I might be able to use in the meantime. What can I do to verify whether packet injection and monitor mode work for the adapter? Google is giving me inconclusive results, probably because there is a v1 and a v2 of the device.) -sbenson
  3. Truthfully - I didn't do any research and ended up just buying what I concluded was the most capable adapter in my price range. From what it looks like, the AWUS036NHR isn't supported by OpenWRT (yet?). Is that correct? If so, is there any news/info re: the AWUS036NHR and driver support? Should I look into returning the NHR, and if so, what is recommended in its place? If that is incorrect, then how do I get the NHR to work on the WiFi Pineapple? I tried installing the driver using the method listed here (http://www.alfa.com.tw/press_c_show.php?sn=5), but it was not successful. Thanks, -sbenson
  4. How else am I supposed to reach nirvana? #ColbertTicketGrab

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