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  1. still not able to change from wlan1 to wlan2 not sure how my adapter got changed to wlan2 i thought i saw somthung posted here but dont rember the thread .. any ideas thanks
  2. this is how i got MITM module to work 2.8.0 Open pineapple control center shut off any and all running procs wifi ,cron jobs,karma whatever, go to Advanced TAB and clear cache. Next set up USB partition,make it primary EXT4 and a swap of 2 gig or more, now open USB TAB and under (config swap) change the 0 to a 1 then Update fstab. Now go to pineapple bar infusions MITM, install to USB wait for download to complete, now install the dependency's this is going to take a few mins so dont leave that page for anything, It took me 30 mins that could be because im 1/4 mile away from neighbors AP
  3. Hey thanks Sebkinne it hit me this morning when i wokeup but thanks for a quick reply .
  4. Hi all,new to the forum but fan for long time hak5/ anyway I need to know is there a way to edit a modules infusions because they all have wlan0/wlan-1 to work. and mine is wlan2 and the modules don't work because i'm unable to edit the interface. any module that uses wifi interface i'm unable to use please help thank you.
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