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  1. Solution to some of the Backtrack 5 R3 problems (using gnome in my case [you can forego the "-gnome" part in the code when not using gnome]): sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome cp /etc/network/interfaces {.stock} echo "auto lo" > /etc/network/interfaces echo "iface lo inet loopback" >> /etc/network/interfaces reboot, then: sudo apt-get remove wicd reboot, then: service network-manager start nm-applet & Result: You won't use WICD anymore, which is buggy in some cases on BT5 R3, i.g. not allowing connections via wifi and cable at the same time (which you'll most c
  2. Is it possible that - sslstrip was still running on the gui during your ssh-session into the pineapple? - there has been no https-related traffic during the time of logging? I experienced emtpy logs in both cases when using Moxies sslstrip infusion. --- edit --- In case you are using the module, I'm sure you concerned -> history -> download on the gui?
  3. Are you sure you used the mkswap /dev/sda2 command? Did you reboot your pineapple afterwards?
  4. Thanks for replying so fast. I think I got it on the last try: I removed (rmdir) the pineapple/infusions/sslstrip/log directory (not the whole path, just the "log" dir.) and used this symlink: ln -s /usb/log/ /pineapple/infusions/sslstrip/ Now sslstrip saves to /usb/log/, so no more big logfiles filling up the pineapple's internal space. Best wishes, Sonya
  5. Erm... sorry for doubleposting, but it seems like I just don't get it to work. sslstrip saves the logfiles in /pineapple/infusions/sslstrip/log I don't want the files to take up space on the pineapple and want sslstrip to save them to /usb/logs/ What's the correct way / exact command to get it working in this case? I tried to symlink like ln -s /usb/logs/ /pineapple/infusions/sslstrip/log/ and the other way around, as well as with different paths, but I guess I got the way symlinks work wrong. Looking forward to your tips, Sonya
  6. Hey, thanks for your quick reply. Yepp, I'm using a swap partition and have some modules running on my USB drive. Sonya
  7. Hey there, it's my first post on this board, so I hope it isn't a dumb question ;-) Is there a way to tell sslstrip to save the logs in another place (USB)? The gui-module stops after some minutes every time I used it, and when starting sslstrip via ssh I saw it stopped because of lacking memory on root. Thanks for any hint, Sonya
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