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  1. Yeah, sorry that was a typo. The Ethernet cable is connected to my Macbook via a Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter. The other end is connected to the WAN port of the pineapple. In that case the pineapple gets an IP on the POE port like The same thing happens if connected to the POE LAN port. (?) If connected to the WAN port, I can only reach the web interface if I connect from my phone to the ESSID the pineapple broadcasts. If connected to the LAN port, I can connect to the web interface from my Macbook by going to the IP Mac OS X version: 10.8.2 Pineapple: MKIV firmware 2.8 I installed the networkmanager infusion via usb, since I don't have any internet connection on the pineapple.
  2. Here is a screenshot of the web gui: http://imgur.com/kyEvVR6 I am running 2.8 yes. I followed the instructions in the guide above, and set the IP in my Mac OS X ICS to, but that's all I've done. The firmware running on the pineapple is standard, recently flashed, also - the Ethernet cable is not connected to the WAN port, not the POE LAN port
  3. This does not work for me. I have followed all the steps, however - The Pineapple does not get an IP adress like 192.168.2.X, however, in the webmin it says that POE / LAN port has (I can only reach the interface with another device other than my Mac, by connecting to the "Pineapple XX:e" wifi. What could I do?
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