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  1. Okay thats what I was looking for. Basicly a company or individual would just be screwed depending on the severity. I love the Idea of security/hacking and pen testing but just dont know which route to take as far as a career. I dont want to be an administarator or anything like that. I want to be the one in the field finding the volnerabilities. Pen testing seems fun but also I guess it depends on who you work for. There not all going to have free rein to do al the social engineering and attacks that they want. Anyways this is getting off topic. Thank you for the post.
  2. @zombie Thank you @digininja I am planning on taking over the world. Hahaha Naaa really I always read how everything can pretty much be tracked and we always leave some sort of digital trail. From a legal and forensics perspective I guess it comes down to how much red tape and money they would be willing to go through. Well the severity of the crime also. Nothing has been done illegally or will be done illegally on my part. I'm just really interested in security especially on the trails that are left to be able to track down the attacker. The pen testing side of it all I have a lot of basic stuff to learn and have enough material online to keep me going for awhile not many questions yet.
  3. illegal no. not at all. Currently in the military and somewhat in the IT field and know a little about networking a few certs to be dangerous but would love pursuing my knowledge in security and pen testing. I have about 3 years until I retire and need a new career and sounds interesting.
  4. Ahhhhh Got it. I have a lot to learn. Now say im on my Mac running linux in parallels will macchanger still work when im using linux or will it still end up using the hosts systems mac/setup??
  5. I have a computer that i had registered windows on before. Is it safe to use that as my main hacking computer or should I use a new one that has never been associated with me in any way. Will I be able to be tracked down by my MAC address or something by using this older computer?? Even if I installed a new OS that hasn't been registered to me.
  6. Make me an offer. I just dont have time for it. Shipping to US only. Will Be shipped from an APO adress and could take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive.Will ship with insurance on the item. Must use Paypal to protect myself and the buyer. Shipping is usually shorter. In the Army overseas and just have to many things going on and could use the money. im me an offer. HP envy 17-2017nr with backtrack 5R3 installed. CD/DVD drive does not work but can boot from USB. Includes two batteries and power cord. (DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY VERSION OF WINDOWS). Has dual 500GB hardrives which can be setup as RAID drives. Right now BT5 is installed on one and the other one needs to be mapped in Linux. I have included BT5 on a 4gb USB as well as already installed on the laptop. Laptop has a small ding on the top (see picture) which does not affect the operation of the computer. WIFI Pineapple Hot Spot Honeypot Mark IV Brand new and never used with case, battery, antenna, powercord, retractable LAN cable. Its the holiday package on their website. Rubber ducky USB hacking tool also brand new and never used. Its a human interface device used to run scripts on the host computer quickly. It is the Deluxe Package on their website. ALFA AWUS036H WIFI Antenna with extra flat panel antenna, mounting clip and window mount with suction cup. Linksys WRT54g router with DD-WRT already installed onto it.
  7. Apple does have iChat which I would like to test out also with this but textplus allows users to text to a cell phone or make and recieve calls from a data connection. It also works on ipods.
  8. Thank you. I had orderd the Mark IV a few days ago so I should have it soon. Textplus isnt made by apple its a third party app which is for the Apple iOS and android. I will try it out when I get it and let you all know. Thanks
  9. Is it possible to capture textplus messages from the iphone app while its using wifi with the Mark IV or will they be encrypted?
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