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  1. i know about the rdp but the challenge is to not even touch the machine, just leave out-of-the-box, ill try the psexec and tomorow ill say something
  2. Hello, i want to know how can i acess a windows box that i do not have physical acess, i know the admin account and pw.
  3. Hello, i have been looking into expanding my microprocessor and electronics knowledge. I dont have 100 € to drop on a arduino starter kit, so i looked around and found a resonable substitute the MSP430 launchpad it has a 16bit microprocessor and with just 5$ you have one programmable button and one programmable led its great for starters, but you can also expand i dont know what ports it has. I just posted this because i think it is really great for people who want to get into microprocessors and hardware and not pay that much. And also it didnt have any mentions on this forum yet. Here you can find some of the documentacion that i found the best for my case. MSP430 official wiki. A great tutorial if you are starting like me MSP430 Official page ARM Version of the Launchpad 13$
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