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  1. Hi any updates on the key logger for mark 5?
  2. Hi will there be a keylogger infusion coming out soon for the mark 5 ?
  3. xneox

    pwn pad

    If you build it they will come :)
  4. xneox

    pwn pad

    Hi guys I found thishttp://pwnieexpress.com/products/pwnpad What do you guys think is it worth the money?
  5. Hi guys I too have been having trouble with my pineapple and the mitm module Gona try Ethernet connection instead of wireless to install this
  6. Hi guys I was wondering if someone could help me out I just powered up my mk 4 pineapple and the wps button is flashing The power light is on and no other led is on Any help would be good Panic over just left it on for 10 minutes sorted itself out
  7. Thanks for the info If I do go down the do it yourself e.g pringle can what cable would I need to connect pineapple to cantana antenna?
  8. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BilcoWifi-24in-30-dbi-Cantenna-/390258789228 Is this one any good for built up area's
  9. What's the best antenna for the pineapple Iam tying to find one with 3 to 4 mile range
  10. Hi guys I think I have broken the antenna connection on my pineapple. When I screw in the antenna in the gold bolt spins and feels lose when I try to unscrew it it just spins and I cannot unscrew the antenna Is there a howto on how to open the pineapple mk4 and check Sorry if this has been covered b4
  11. Thanks for the help I finally sorted it out
  12. Hi guys updated firmware from 2.7.0 to 2.8.0 Iam running wifi pineapple mk 4 on Ubuntu I left keylogger on all night but no data captured I dunno if iam doing something wrong Iam new to the pineapple be kind
  13. Iam having same problem sslstrip gives me a out put log Were can I view it
  14. Hi guys a bit of a noob question do I need to have my wifi card in monitor mode for keylogger to work?
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