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  1. Ofcourse you guys were right i got it to work after looking more carefull in on the vendor settings APN This works for me after a reboot: *12d1:1001*) echo "Huawei E1550 detected. Attempting mode switch" uci delete network.wan2 uci set network.wan2=interface uci set network.wan2.ifname=ppp0 uci set network.wan2.proto=3g uci set network.wan2.service=umts uci set network.wan2.device=/dev/ttyUSB0 uci set network.wan2.apn=internet.telenor.se uci set network.wan2.user
  2. it´s a 3g network(don´t know if i answerd the question)
  3. it seams to be the "IPCP: timeout sending Config-Requests" that is the problem im not sure what part of the code that could be wrong? I have cheked the apn :(
  4. Hi I realy need your guys help! Having problem getting the Huawei E1550 working with the MarkIV 2.7. I get the following: 00:48:40 Pineapple daemon.info pppd[8469]: Exit. 00:48:39 Pineapple daemon.notice pppd[8469]: Connection terminated. 00:48:33 Pineapple daemon.warn pppd[8469]: IPCP: timeout sending Config-Requests 00:47:59 Pineapple local2.info chat[8473]: timeout set to 30 seconds 00:47:59 Pineapple local2.info chat[8473]: send (ATD*99***1#^M) 00:47:59 Pineapple local2.info chat[8473]: send ( ^M) 00:47:59 Pineapple local2.info chat[8473]: expect (OK) 00:47:59 Pineapple local2.info cha
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