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  1. @offsectraining finally made it in to #AWAE after 4 years of attempting

  2. @amyklobuchar as you know h.r.3905 passed the house and is on its way to the senate. Please dont let it pass the se… https://t.co/nR8depi2Mb

  3. Certain things are more important than resource extraction. Keep our public lands for hikers and climbers… https://t.co/aBH9HZyZWb

  4. @null_Reason how did you catch an open seat for AWE?

  5. @batslyadams It's now mid october and no shipment? what happened??

  6. @batslyadams cool, thanks for the update

  7. @batslyadams would you consider sharing the pcb design files?

  8. RT @424f424f: Blog: ? SSL Domain Fronting 101 ? https://t.co/zHzNxkoS4k

  9. RT @Hacker0x01: The greatest Hacker movie of all time was released 24 years ago today. https://t.co/VwAfwQpjWY https://t.co/NaRyjtdWw3

  10. @christruncer oh you just got your CCNA revoked! ?

  11. RT @jduck: I'm really concerned about USB-C replacing the headphone jack. This cannot be a good thing. Is anyone working on showing why it'…

  12. RT @enigma0x3: Great post by MS on UAC https://t.co/h1MAib82qK Remember, "Always Notify" can be bypassed too: https://t.co/LZPx4glEp4. Don'…

  13. RT @MMAinRVA: I think all credit for a Table Tennis player leading Germany can go to @thomaslennon. #BallsOfFury #OpeningCeremony https://…

  14. @aloria awesome

  15. RT @AndrewPhamzer: I had a blast with these guys @synack @SynackRedTeam #defcon2016 https://t.co/n0wBpyfkDV

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