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  1. How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus - Featuring John McAfee himself: http://t.co/UYNAVqqAnm

  2. My week on twitter: 1 new followers, 3 mentions. Via: http://t.co/dcys1Pqs5u

  3. My week on twitter: 6 mentions. Via: http://t.co/z5H1tEVe

  4. Jesp. Lang arbeidsdag.

  5. Er det feil at min 3 år gamle sønn digger Return...?

  6. My week on twitter: 4 new followers, 4 mentions. Via: http://t.co/z5H1tEVe

  7. Anyone doing any research on network connected physical access control systems?

  8. Noen dyktige nettverksfolk som er på utkikk etter ny #jobb? Fint med kunnskap om datasenter, Cisco og Checkpoint. Kontakt meg!!

  9. I know that now, but i got mine from hak5 with the pineapple elite bundle. I'm using a tiny micro SD card reader now, and it works like a charm.
  10. I got my Pineapple Elite bundle a couple of days ago, with a 4GB Cruzer Fit. Just partitioned if with two ext4 partitons, and put it in my Pinapple. Shows up as read-only. I then tried it on a linuxbox with parted, also shows up as read-only. Windows says it's write protected. Anybody found a solution to this?
  11. My week on twitter: 1 retweets received, 1 new followers, 1 mentions. Via: http://t.co/z5H1tEVe

  12. Thank you so much. Yes I should have searched, Sorry.
  13. Hi, I got my Pineapple MKIV today, and having big problems connecting to its web gui. I have connected my PC to PoE LAN on the Pineapple, set my IP to When I go to the URL, I am redirected to the previous URL I visited. What am I doing wrong? Hope someone can help me. Thank you!
  14. Pineapple arrived today. Will be fun to play with. Thank you @Hak5

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