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  1. Thats not an /etc/config/wireless issue. Thats an issue with the iwlist command. The interface isn't allowing a scan to be completed. Try executing iwlist wlan1 scan and see what errors it gives
  2. I prefer using reaver and wash from terminal. I have had better luck this way. The commands I use are: airmon-ng start wlan0 ifconfig wlan0 down wash -i mon0 reaver -i mon0 -b XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -a -c XX -vv If you don't know what wash does, it displays only WPS enabled access points. Hope this helps. -SymPak
  3. Dave, how did you go about putting the script on your pineapple? Starting the script on wlan0 is simple. Just run ./connect.sh -i wlan0
  4. Version 1.1r2 fixes an error in the script. Each line was filled with ^M characters, which caused the script not to run properly. -SymPak
  5. Glad to hear you got it working! I have had to start fresh a few times myself. -SymPak
  6. Strange. Try this mv /etc/config/wireless /etc/config/wireless.bak wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless wifi That will rebuild the wireless config file. It isn't necessary to rename the wireless config but I like to do it just in case. -SymPak
  7. It looks like your wlan0 is still associating with another ap. If wlan0 is still set to client mode it won't broadcast an ssid. -SymPak
  8. Ok lets try running the script again on wlan1. After it completes either check the system log under the logs tab in the web interface or run dmesg in a terminal. That should give us a good indication of what is happening.
  9. Hi Scrag, please post a copy of /etc/config/wireless for me to look at. Also, if you haven't already, you can try to connect manually with the network manager infusion. If you try the network manager infusion make sure wlan1 network is set to WAN and mode is set to client. Just to confirm, you are on firmware version 2.8.1 correct? -SymPak
  10. Just a small status update. Version 1.1 will be out soon with some new features! Features will include: User specific wifi (encrypted and unencrypted) Option to start karma once connected Option to change to a random MAC address Automatic setup of internet connection sharing between wifi interfaces. I would also like to get some feedback from those of you who have tried my script. Has it worked for you? Have you had issues running it? Anything helps. -SymPak
  11. Don't forget to set LAN to WAN, on the interface your trying to connect to wifi
  12. Thanks! I could have kept adding features, but I did not want to get ahead of myself. I am currently working on adding the list of user defines networks and setting up ICS once it has an ip address. After that I will begin work on an infusion to act as a control interface. Adding a macchanger is a good idea! I will look into implementing it.
  13. Dustbyter, I find it better to edit /etc/config/wireless using the uci command. More info about the UCI system and /etc/config/wireless here: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci Also, try udhcpc -n -i wlan0. The -n option makes udhcpc exit after 3 failed tries. By default, it just sits and waits after 3 tries. The next version of my script will include user specific ESSIDs and passkeys.
  14. UPDATE v1.3, Pineapple v2.8.1 and v3.0.0 compatible! Hi all, This update brings WPS button cancel to stop the script, ICS improvements including network address detection in case your pineapple is using a different IP address, command execution upon successful connection and general improvements and bug fixes. Other features include, blacklisting and whitelisting for unencrypted networks, /etc/config/wireless backup, /etc/config/wireless restore, temporarily blacklisting the internal Wifi MAC addresses to prevent it from connecting to itself, automatic internet connection sharing setup, options to start karma once connected, macchanger support for random MAC addresses on both WLAN0 and WLAN1 interfaces, connecting to user specified wifi including encrypted and unencrypted networks and WPS button LED feedback. More info: Installation Download the attached file below. Copy or create the wificonnect directory at /pineapple/components/wificonnect/ (or where ever you would like) and place connect.sh in it. SSH into your pineapple, change into the script directory with cd and execute (without quotes): "chmod +x connect.sh". WPS Button Pineapple v3.x Pineapple v2.x Screenshots Wifi Connect v1.3 Created by: SymPak USAGE: ./connect.sh [-BRWkrc] [-i <wlan0|wlan1>] [-s SSID] [-p Wifi Password] [-t Interface] [-b SSID] [-w SSID]... OPTIONS: -B Backup /etc/config/wireless -R Restore /etc/config/wireless from backup -k Start Karma -r Random MAC -i Interface -s SSID -p Wifi Password -t To interface for ICS. From interface is specified with -i -w Whitelists AP by SSID. Scans with WLAN0 if no interface is specified. Unencrypted netowrks only -W Checks for and connects to networks specified in the whitelist. Unencrypted netowrks only -b Blacklists AP by SSID. Scans with WLAN0 if no interface is specified. Unencrypted netowrks only -c Run commands specified in commands.txt upon successful connection. Blacklisting and whitelisting screenshot: Backup and restore screenshot: If you encounter any errors please report them here. Also feature requests or improvement suggestions are always welcome! Note: If you would like to use parts of this script for a script or infusion of your own, contact me by a PM. -SymPak wificonnect-v1.3.zip
  15. Upgrade to 2.8.1, which is now out of beta! If your still having problems try these commands: uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[1].ssid="Your SSID" uci set wireless.@wifi-device[1].channel="Your channel" uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[1].network=wan uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[1].mode=sta uci commit wireless wifi udhcpc -i wlan1 Note, this is for open wifi. Hope this helps
  16. Im not getting the dhcp request link on radio 0 in network manager. I haven't had a problem with radio 1. But once you set up the interface in network manager you can manually request an IP address by executing "udhcpc -i wlan1" for radio 1 or "udhcpc -i wlan0" for radio 0. Hope this helps
  17. In network manager, make sure you set lan to wan and access point to client. I am almost ready to release my script, just a few more details to work out. My plan is to have support for encrypted access points in the future, but it may not make it into the initial release. I will be making a thread detailing the features and future plans. I don't currently have plans to automate attacks although, Foxtrot is working on an infusion called automator which will do just that!
  18. trapman16, check the log tab. If you are getting the error "deauthenticating from ... by local choice (reason=3)" then go to https://wifipineapple.com/?portal and sign up for beta testing. 2.8.1 beta 2 fixed that problem for me.
  19. I am currently working on just this! I have a script mostly complete and an infusion is in the works. It connects to the strongest open wifi when you press the wps button! Also I can confirm that 2.8.1 beta 2 fixes the deauth reason 3 error.
  20. Awesome, thanks Sebkinne! Try this as a temporary fix for the wps button issue: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28778-wps-button-not-working/
  21. Wlan1 is also connecting perfectly for me on 2.7.7. I never thought to test wlan0 on 2.8.0, ill give that a shot later! And as far as I know karma only works on wlan0.
  22. I am also having this problem. I am not able to connect to open or protected APs. The adapter I am using is the Alfa NHA on firmware 2.8.0. I have tried using the network manager infusion, iwconfig and editing /etc/config/wireless. Sometimes, maybe once every 50 tries I can connect to an open AP. I am also getting deauthenticating from XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX by local choice (reason=3). Update: I downgraded to 2.7.4 and was able to connect without a problem. After upgrading back to 2.8.0 I am having the same issue.
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