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  1. just ordered my bunny, hopefully it will arrive quickly. can't wait to play with my new toy
  2. when i noticed these problems my setup was as follows. 1. pinapple mk5 connected with mains adapter to power. USB GPS dongle directly connected to the pineapple 2. Laptop connected over ethernet to the pineapple for ssh purpose. the only thing i can think of from your remark is that the dongle asks to much power from the pineapple. i'll take a look at the specs of the dongle to be sure. but it worked fine on a raspberry last time. FYI the dongle is a G.mouse BU-353 USB dongle found the specs: GPS Chipset SiRF STAR IV GSD4e Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHZ C/A Code 1.023 MHz chip rate Cha
  3. Hello Guy's last weekend i had the idea to try some war-cycling. and for that i grabbed my mk5 from the shelf and startet scurging the interwebs for information on how to connect a USB GPS dongle to the mk5. this was actualy real easey to do. and i installed the following for testing: Kismet_server and read some where that kismet could directly connect to my USB device. turns out that this is not the case for me. so i installde GPSD and after that kismet found a damn good GPS lock. i decided to run some more tests before i would go on my trip. and found that after starting and stopping Kismet
  4. thats what you get when staring for hours at this problem, the simple things aren't noticed any more thank you
  5. hi all i have a little problem with this home brew script of mine. i'm trying to build a script that pipes Crunch to Aircrack but the first loop doesn't exit am i doing something wrong? #!/bin/bash # capncrunch is a script to simplify using crunch and aircrack in one pipe minlength=0 maxlength=0 filelocation="/root" filename="test" #get minimum number of chars until [ "$minlengt" -ge 1 ] ; do echo -n "enter the minimum password length and press [ENTER]: "; read minlength #echo " the number entered is: " $minlength; if [ "$minlength" -lt 1 ] ; then echo " minimum lenght cannot be 0" fi
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