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  1. RT @x0rz: Check if your IoT devices are listed on Shodan (service will use your public IP address) https://t.co/XSIeY6xDOs #shodan #privacy…

  2. RT @RayRedacted: Developing story: Apple iOS iBoot code posted to Github, taken down via DMCA, and now reposted in dozens of other places…

  3. RT @tweakers: 'Regering VS wil eigen 5g-netwerk bouwen' https://t.co/SvjFEwOk25

  4. RT @binitamshah: Bypassing CloudFlare using Internet-wide scan data : https://t.co/jSSkeNBwBX , Find origin servers of websites behind by…

  5. RT @Dinosn: RFCrack - A Software Defined Radio Attack Tool https://t.co/2ENBS14K4B

  6. RT @Dinosn: mitm6 – compromising IPv4 networks via IPv6 https://t.co/6g1Gq1DUkA

  7. RT @Dinosn: Exploiting cheap labor! - How to Exploit a D-Link 815N https://t.co/mELm6Cpibp

  8. https://t.co/wodpyZSZJy

  9. RT @ihackbanme: Cisco IOS 1day exploit dev from 34c3 https://t.co/7l8F2DSK8P

  10. RT @frwololo: SpecterDev on PS4 4.05 Jailbreak: Release could happen this week https://t.co/068Fqx0UDk https://t.co/eCGkDp7ywQ

  11. RT @frwololo: Hackers to discuss Nintendo Switch security at 34C3 hacking conference. #GreatnessAwaits https://t.co/W5Yt18YMb3 https://t.co…

  12. RT @bsdaemon: Started publishing the slides for @h2hconference #H2HC2017 on our Github (videos coming soon): https://t.co/ATzGprQhoW

  13. RT @axilirator: Finally, just finished a new Osmocom wiki page about TRX Interface and the trxcon application: https://t.co/DpodIuOw5c

  14. RT @c3daysleft: 43 days remaining!! Wooohoooo :D #34C3

  15. if you cant say it 140 chars your failing https://t.co/yhbhJL40OQ

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