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  1. See? That demonstrates how little I know about anything Java* :p Ah, gotcha. Understood and I get everything working fine now. Thanks for the info and the killer user script!
  2. From someone that doesn't really like Java and knows little about it, how exactly does one use a .js script like the one hal.hockersmith posted? I tried dropping it in the js folder of the PJ install, but that didn't do anything. I'm sure it's something simple, but since I know nothing about JScript, a touch more info would be appreciated. :)
  3. I can't seem to get PJ to save any .mp3 either. I've got Flash switcher running Flash 7/8 (fails on both), a last.fm account and all the information is loaded into the PJ settings properly. However, whenever a song loads, the Artist info and Song info boxes just stay grey and say waiting on info. Whenever I try to grab a song, the command prompt window gives me an error of " INFO [Thread-2] (Mp3Processor.java:39) - access file not found trying again after 1 sec" and this repeat for some time. I've followed the tutorials, etc. and everything *should* be setup properly, but clearly something's not happening. Anyone have any ideas?
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