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  1. While completing Swagger support in AppSpider, our research team got all up in Swagger's business https://t.co/8ApSgBBV05 #Swagger @rapid7

  2. RT @davidrook: Just finished my slides for @DevoxxUK :D https://t.co/RrfdvG3Xye

  3. Excited to speak at @AppSecUSA! “SPArring with the Security of Single Page Applications.” Ready to get in the cage with SPA’s? #appsec

  4. Cenzic Trends Report 2013: 99% Of Apps Tested Have Vulnerabilities http://t.co/I9MpX8KMiJ - Oddly large %, maybe due to False Positives?

  5. New Report: SQL Injection vulns are hidden in web services (learn how to find them) http://t.co/kSakLkg47i

  6. How can something so wrong be so right? - http://t.co/48jSnUFZc5 - NIN's 'Head Like a Hole' mashed with 'Call Me Maybe'

  7. For me, this years theme for #rsac is 2 story booths! Those insane booths were a scary and yet creative way to maximize booth space

  8. At the W, having a Magician blowing my mine with card tricks! Thanks @beyondtrust

  9. «@CNET This first-person Super Mario video will blow your mind http://t.co/F2HDA1AnOZ»

  10. Band at #bsidessf is singing about google docs... crazyness

  11. RSA 2013: Stay connected with the best talks, security news and giveaways! http://t.co/rXEhdcd5X6

  12. #bsidessf had fun doing my life hacking demo even tho the audience killed my burp proxy with too much traffic

  13. Heading to #bsidesSF with my new WiFi Pineapple thanks to @hak5darren & team. Come watch me live hack mobile apps!

  14. I'm looking for someone with a WiFi Pineapple, who will be in San Francisco Sunday/Monday, and is willing to lend/sell it to me

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