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  1. We use Google voice and video chat. Works great since we are a Google Docs school/district.
  2. Sweet getup. Nice script too. Now I know what I'm gonna do with my 3 day weekend lol
  3. I second Spiceworks. I can't believe all the great features you get with this.
  4. I have a Spiceworks Server installed on my network which will list all installed software on all machines. It has a lot of other awesome features too, ie; give me faults on any printers, backup capabilities for switches/routers, I can even push out a router config to one of my branches. It's worth taking a look at.
  5. just a heads up. Do not register your domain with 1&1 hosting. You will not be able to create an spf/txt record. Just took over the IT dept where I work, and this is the first mess I ran into.
  6. If your credits don't transfer its a waste of time and money. Pay for a few boot camps and get certs that count.
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