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  1. Does not look like Infrarecoder supports multi recoders at the same time.. I was planning to do this on linux.. so some script fu might be the way to go, i just dont know how since i never had the need to burn from linux and therefore never tried it
  2. Hi again, So, i had a talk with the boss today :) I told him about the duplicators, and the one we need with about 5 drives, is around $300-$500, and that is too much, he says. He told me to build it myself if i want to, since we already have 5 DVD RW drives in the basement, just sitting there waiting to be used. So thats what i got, 5 drives, an old computer (dual core) with anough sata ports for 5 drives. All the hardware is there, i just need some software to use it Do you think i can make one of theese duplicators myself ? i actually also want to, since i think it's an exciting project :) In case anyone know any good software, or want to help me build a script for this, feel free to post a reply! :)
  3. Thanks guys! I didn't know duplicators like this exists!! i'm going to take a look at it later today, if you know any software that can do what i want, i'm still interrestet since its cheaper this way :) I dont think i can get the boss to say yes to a 1000 dollar duplicator, but i can always try ;D
  4. HI guys, First of, sry for the bad english, but i'm sure you will understand :) I watch Hak5 a lot, and i love the show, i learned a lot from it, and use it at work all the time :) This is my first post on the forum, i actually created the account to make it, so although i'm new here i hope you guys are going to welcome and help me out :) quick story: At work i often have to burn a lot of dvd's that should be identical and from the same .iso or .img. always about ~5-30. Reason: Burning all those dvd's one by one manually takes a lot of time.. i get paid for it, but god damn its boring just to babysit the cd/dvd writer and click the next button everytime one disc finish. It would be great to be able to do something at the same time the box is burning an entire batch. Right now i only have 1 DVD cd/dvd writer (since parallel burning is not supported in the GUI apps i found) but the boss said yes to buy 5-10 dvd cd/dvd writers if i could get this project up and running. What is it, i want to build exactly???: 1 Linux box, that is able to burn the same .iso or .img file to multiple dvd burners at the same time (simultaneously/parallel). It should run linux And the script/program should be able to run in CLI only, so no GUI. Related software: I have tried (a demo) of a software called DiscJuggler ( http://en.wikipedia....iki/DiscJuggler ) and it does exactly what i want, BUT not i CLI / shell, and only runs on windows. The good thing about This discjuggler application is that you can set it to buffer 512MB of the disc to RAM and thereby the speed of the harddrive does not impact if you burn to multiple discs at once! my test box ran it of a really old 40 GB 7200 RPM drive, with no problems! Another good thing about this software is that i can set it to burn 50 copy's of the same .iso, then select 5 cd/dvd writers and press start. It will then burn thoose 5 disc's, then eject and wait for 5 blanks disc's to be inserted. Then it continues until i has completed burning the 50 i need. My skills: I guess i need to write some sort of script for this myself, since i cant find anything simular to what i need on google, i am pretty good at PHP/html, but this wont help me a lot here, so i hope you guys can help me out here, it would be appreciatet alot!! I have used linux for about 4 years, i use Arch linux daily, and i am not a total noob, but some thing i still need to learn.. I really hope you guys can help me out! (sorry for the long post, hope it wasn't too much reading..)
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