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  1. I don't have time tonight, but I'll give it a run through tomorrow and see if I can't hash out the issues. I have a feeling it's simply that he ran it all together when it was probably originally on separate lines. Bash executes based on line breaks. If you're going to run it all into one line, you need to end each code segment with a semi-colon. I'll report back tomorrow night if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  2. Exactly what Johnnie said. I have the 5v model, but the 10k mAh version has 12v. I didn't have a need for 12v. The dual 5v model runs everything just fine for me. If you're planning on running just the pineapple with dual wireless cards, I'd suggest using the 2nd 5v outlet to throw some extra juice into a USB hub.
  3. I know you said other than Pelican Cases, but they're pretty dang awesome. Check out my build thread that I did with two different pelican cases here: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28508-pineapple-pro-case-build/ One with a Pi/Pineapple and the other with just the Pineapple. Cheers, -Shadow
  4. Updated Cred Harvester to version 1.2. Let me know if you run into any issues.
  5. Hey guys, we just hit 60 downloads on our Cred Harvester. Just wanted to see what everyone thought. Looking for some feedback. Cheers, -Shadow
  6. You can try this, but I'm going to go ahead and give you a heads up. This cred harvester is WAY WAY WAY too resource intensive to run on the pineapple. Just to run Ettercap on the Pi, it sucks up about 40-50% CPU. I could only imagine running it on the Pineapple. apt-get install tput
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to stop by and post a quick update. We're still hard at work on the Cred Harvester script. It's getting to a point where we're both pretty happy with it. At this point we're just cleaning up some aesthetics and fixing any bugs we can find. By the way, if anyone has any sample DSniff output, we'd be interested in obtaining it.
  8. Released an update, along with a few screen shots. Check it out here: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28677-hax0rbl0x-sneak-peek/?p=217720
  9. Updated Version 1.2: http://code.google.com/p/hax0rbl0x/downloads/list Change Log: v1.1 - Resolved a rather large bug in how logs were being parsed. v1.2 - Minor UI tweaks. v1.2 - Fixed a bug with how the script was pulling PID's for Ettercap and p0f. Screen Shots: v1.2 ---v1.1---
  10. As Dopey said, we really hope you guys enjoy this. Lots of time went into bring this to you, so please feel free to give us your honest feedback. Also, if you run into ANY errors or logic failures, please let us know. This is version 1.0, so there may still be a few lingering bugs waiting to get squashed. That being said, we tested this pretty extensively, it should be smooth sailing. Cheers guys.
  11. Pretty much everything in the case is running off of stock firmware. The PwnPi is indeed 3.0, but I upgraded all of the programs to the latest version (apt-get upgrade... nothing fancy). There were a few additional programs that I did install such as gawk and vim. The Pineapple is the latest stable release, which is 2.7.0. The panel antennas are just the standard Alfa 7dBi panel antennas. Just like the ones that are being sold on the Hak Shop. As Dopey said, everything is powered from the Anker. In my latest build, I dropped the HUB because it was no longer needed. Before I was trying to run everything off the Pineapple, but now I'm running the WiFi relay through the Pi. The Pi has two USB ports of it's own, thus no longer needing the D-Link. If you want to run the hub with the Pineapple, you'll need to power it with a USB to Type M adapter connected from the Anker to the hub. If anyone has any other questions, let me know. I'll be happy to answer them.
  12. Someone else was having issues. I believe that he was able to reformat it with Gparted. Fire up Gparted, then in the top right select the USB drive from the dropdown. Then proceed to format the drive. Try searching next time. The other thread is only about four down from this one...
  13. People have been having issues running the SanDisk drives with the Pineapple on the Pineapple Juice pack. It apparently doesn't push out enough power to keep everything happy. I'd suggest picking up an Anker 8400mHa or 10000mHa if you want to go mobile. I've been running the Pineapple with a 16GB SanDisk on the Anker with no problems. As far as the UK power issue. As long as you have a 220VAC -> 5VDC power adapter, you should be fine. Basically if you go to the store and snag a USB adapter that fits your countries plugs, you'll be fine. Either that or use a transformer to go from 220 to 120, then use the included power adapter that comes with the pineapple.
  14. I was having an issue with the Pi running entirely too hot for my liking when there was no airflow. I didn't have anything to measure the temperature of it, but it was uncomfortably hot to the touch. With the fans providing some airflow, it is barely even warm after hours of use. Also, the fans are completely silent. The only thing that makes noise is the sound of the air flowing through the box when it's closed. As far as the integrity of the case, I decided to drill holes instead of cut out the entire area under the fan for that reason. I wanted to maintain the rigidity of the case while still allowing airflow. You can't see from the pictures, but I cut small holes in the sides and the back to provide a source of cool air. Even with all the holes I put in the box, I'd still feel safe using it as a step stool. Although, it's not quite as waterproof as it once was ;). PS: Not sure why I wrote flat USB cable. I meant flat ethernet cable. Brain apparently didn't catch up to my fingers.
  15. So this is the finished product. I'm going to be picking up a different flat ethernet cable so that I can get that bulky OTG cable out of there, but she's finally done. No heat issues, and I think it looks bad ass if I do say so myself.
  16. Glad it worked for you! I thought the same thing first time I used Gparted. I was like "Where the hell is my USB drive?" Not sure about the MD5 mismatch.
  17. At the top right of GParted, you selected the dropdown to change drives, and your USB drive wasn't listed?
  18. I have the 16GB version and I've had no problems. Have you tried another format tool such as Gparted? Don't know if it'd make a difference. If all else fails, contact the manufacturer and have them replace it.
  19. I'm not sure how to help you from here. It doesn't even look like you're getting outside of the Pineapple. If you try and ping your Macs ethernet and wlan port, what does it kick back?
  20. <--- What IP address is this? Is this your wlan IP address on your mac?
  21. In the setup instructions for the Windows ICS, it says to leave the default gateway blank for the Ethernet connected to the Pineapple. Give that a try? Try doing a traceroute on your Pineapple and see where the buck stops. If it gets to your ethernet interface on the Mac and stops, then you know your issue is on the bridge.
  22. Check the IP address of your laptops ethernet port. If it's not, then you'll need to either force that IP address, or update the routing table in your Pineapple.
  23. I didn't have any problems with power feeding back. In fact, I believe that the D-Link hubs have a safety feature that actually shuts them down if it detects power feedback. Check out this post here for pictures: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28508-pineapple-pro-case-build/ By the way, I found that I get about 10 hours of runtime off the 8400mHa Anker when running the Pineapple, Pi, and 036NHA. So that's not too shabby. Longer than I'd want to be out anyways.
  24. No problem. I messed up a bit on my last diagram. The anker port to the hub should be your usb to dc adapter. I'll post some pictures of my setup after work today showing how to hook it all up.
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