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  1. Another stunning outfit @CathyBelton #RedRock

  2. #skynews nothing about the build up of American hardware off the coast of Syria?

  3. RT @darrenpauli: CVE-2018-0986: A RCE 0day in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine that's triggered if Windows Defender, Security Essentials…

  4. @boucherhayes Please film the reaction!

  5. @info_dox With a name like Michael Murphy he will definitely be the next M.

  6. RT @phorkus: I stand with: ifconfig netstat And a dozen other “deprecated” tools. Don’t break things just because they were invented in…

  7. @VodafoneIreland I set up a direct debit about 7 weeks ago but when I login to the site it looks like it's forgotte… https://t.co/1RgxCOKlzk

  8. Over the years I've gotten loads of swag at different conferences and conventions. Most of it cheap tat. Last year… https://t.co/LoFH26MbeR

  9. @ahaylett1 @UPSHelp I'm in Ireland and also got "delayed due to severe weather" message for the last two days.

  10. @BrennanPaudge what did you do to get barred from Coppers?

  11. @odwyerchik @DublinAirport Did you try prebooking a taxi with mytaxi?

  12. @kieczkowska It's about a 15 minute walk to the campus

  13. You know what would be really handy? A laptop with built in power plug.

  14. Got an email today from a recruiter who found me through LinkedIn, trying to get me to apply for my current job. Ye… https://t.co/X32ezQEhfp

  15. The open plan office really is the worst invention since the pop-up ad.

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