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  1. Been trying to the Ducky with paylaod script to brute force 4 digit phone lock, it times out after 3,000 attempts of 10,000 ??? Any thoughts as to why it stops at 3,000 when the script is for 10,000 Thanks in advance
  2. Just to add, it is the Chinese version (purchased august 2012) and not the usa version so the gmail backdoor does not work, as china blocks gmail, facebook etc
  3. Hi All, I have a Motorla ME863 cell phone and after a few xmas drinks was a pratt and changed my 4 digit number pass code ....and yup you guessed it ...promptly forgot the damm thing. Is there anyone in the UK southeast / Berks/Bucks/ London area that can help me fix without having to do a factory reset ? Many thanks in advance for all and any help Rgds JD
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