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  1. My Mk5 arrived this morning via USPS. No import duty to pay which was a nice surprise!
  2. I'm storing all my data to a log file stored in the dnsspoof directory on the USB so that the dnsspoof module will pick it up. I think I'm going to link the UI and harvesting sites once I've organised it a bit better. It's very much a mess right now!
  3. Aha, mondrianaire! You beat me to it! I've started coding something similar for work. So far, I've slowly churned through a friendly UI for the landing page and started on a couple of website categories. Similar to what you're doing, you'll be able to enable and disable websites you need to harvest, adding custom websites through the pineapple with only the need of a 160x160px logo, name and link. I must admit, it's good to start coding after all these years- even if the quality at which I do write is atrocious!
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