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  1. Yeah was really excited for those double pockets to hold those batteries but alas the one is slightly too narrow. Wouldn't be bad if one battery would power this beast to it's fullest and that second pocket for the cables. The Tetra fits good within that front pocket and doesn't feel too bulky when loaded however would of been cool to have a couple more pouches for what not items .. Overall still a good EDC for the job needing to be done.
  2. I noticed the Red kicks on when enabling Pine AP, however it doesn't kick off once you stop it. Only after reboot.
  3. Ohh and I should add the I tried this on the .7 and the .8 firmware with the same results. In the middle of a couple of tests I had also done some factory resets with the usb in as well as out during the reset.
  4. So spent the last hour trying to get the same cruzer 4GB from the hakshop to work using all available info and have the same issue. If I follow the same instructions on an 8GB Silicon Motion or another 2GB sandisk had from way back and BAMMMM works like a charm like it should. - I saw someone say it worked by plugging in the pineapple to the wall outlet... In my case I'm using the pack that came with my pineapple order. Seems it has to be with the cruzer since other USB devices work in the same config no prob. - Also I actually have two of the Cruzer 4GB usb drives and neither worked. [Tests] - Two different Cruzer 4GB usb drives. - Used gparted / disk utility in BTR3 as well as Backbox - Tested making 1 partition ext4 [70% - 80%] of drive and then the remaining partition as ext4 [still doesn't see drive] as well as testing the 2nd partition set as linux-swap right out of the gate. No Go - Hit or miss to get the drive to recognize [No orange light / nothing listed using lsusb other than standard entry] - Sometimes instead of rebooting the device I would fully disconnect power for ~1-2 minutes and fired it up and sometimes the drive would be recognized however the partitions still wouldn't mount [ No swap / no /usb]
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