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  1. Can anyone support? :) Either with files or a guide with how to for nubies like me.
  2. Solution: Dont connect your PC to the LAN port on the Pineapple. Connect PC->PoE port instead
  3. and now I cant go to webui or SCP to it.. Awsome. edit: a powercycle and I could loginto /pineapple/ again. No updates done. Any tips? :)
  4. ps2: get this error now when I try to update to 2.7 Error, please check the file you specified. Error 7
  5. Hi, I just got my Pineapple Mark IV running 2.4.1 standard from delivery and I have some issues.. 1. When I try to install modules from web gui onto the USB stick nothing happends. It says it has been downloaded but I cant find it anywhere. 2. When I try to uninstall a module, its still pinned to the menu and I cant uninstall/remove(ex. tcpdump) 3. When I try to add a "page" to dnsspoof I get this error msg: Warning: fopen(config/spoofhost) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No space left on device in /www/pineapple/pages/config.php on line 6 Could not open file! 4. WebUI is super slow! From I press one link to site refresh it takes 20sec 5. When I try to update to new version(2.7) I get md5 checksum error. Even tho its correct downloaded and I cleaned the browser catche. 6. I tried Reset and factory default, but that wont clear any of my problems.
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