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  1. I cannot wait; and remember we're a community, if you need help put it on paper here and we can all gather around the good ol' campfire for a little brainstorming. Cheers, however, because this has become one of the most exciting module ideas I've run across for a while and cannot wait.
  2. Hey everyone, Thoughts on methods to preserving the downloaded modules prior to a firmware update? As most of us have done, the modules installed are to a usb drive attached to the Pineapple, however updating the firmware or resetting will of course remove the menu items installed. Has anyone found a way to alleviate this issue? So far I've thought of simply backing up the :1471 gui page and replacing the html/php file, but I feel that may be somewhat sloppy, especially with any upcoming firmware updates which may give a refreshed look to the gui itself. I personally do not enjoy re-downloading all of the modules, especially since they are already present on my thumb drive, simply to have them appear as installed and re-pinned to the menu bar, so any light or bright ideas are very welcome. Cheers and thanks everyone, great community.
  3. The message on its own means a file integrity and authenticity check failed during either the download or transfer process.. Can you provide further information regarding the process you are taking and where you are seeing this particular message?
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