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  1. Unfortunately, I got some other problems with the nano:( When a client connects and tries to do anything eventually the browser returns: DNS lookup failed...I've tried installing the DNS spoof module, but not even that site is loading. Anyone had this problem before? I also tried to spoof the AP's MAC, and then no client could connect/the nano disappeared from the list of available APs from the client...
  2. MarcSThe1st: as saf mentioned, that would be the endgame of this. I know the MAC and password of the AP so a successful 4-way handshake can be made and the client would not suspect anything. This is also possible in a 'real' scenario, cause the MAC of the AP is known to all, and the WPA2 password could be 'derived' by other means. skib: no 4. Also happened to me. But it does connect sometimes.. still didn't figured it out what I did to make it connect, though...
  3. Q: Can the Nano spoof an SSID with password? Cause when I start it up, my phone alerts me that there is an open wifi, but it's not connecting automatically... so can it be configured to 'just get' the traffic from the real router and show the same WPA2 connection? (now I have my router with WPA2 and the nano, same SSID, but no WPA2) Q: Can't the Pineapple ask for WPA2 password from the client?
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