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  1. hey guys so i am broadcasting ssids from mdk3 and was wondering i currently have it so the ssid broadcasts with the real mac address of my pineapple but i cant get devices to associate with the ssid they constatly try to connect but never are sucessful any ideas or am i doing something wrong ? thanks guys
  2. Thank you once again MR_Protocol by any chance do you have a source for a tutorial for mdk3 i have the mark iv does it need to be installed as a sepearte package ? i see on the gui i have mk4 kinda of a noob question im sure Thanks alot
  3. Mr_Protocol can you direct me on how to acomlish this like where do i put the text file ?
  4. Thank you Mr_Protocol just what i was looking for
  5. no just the ability to broadcast multiple ssids like fre wifi open wifi etc
  6. i wish i could say 100% but in reality maybey about 60 % and if i would estimate the amount for small businesses maybey about 15 % its sad since its such a easy and basic step to prevent most attacks
  7. Hey Guys Sorry if this is a repeat topic i am new to the forum, Just wanted to ask a quick question where can i add ssid's that i want to broadcast in the command line ? also i rember a episode ocupineapple where daren used a module but the name escapes me where he added multiple ssids via a gui i just prefer the command line better thanks for any help in advance !
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