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  1. they are pretty affordable and come with quite a bit of performance. the only downfall is the shipping, it take about 3 weeks to get one. they are shipped from clevo in france and have to go through customs then they are configured in the US and have the sager badges installed and what not. they are the cheapest in price compaired to other re-branded clevos and they are fully upgradable and you wont void your warranty for upgrading them. my brother managed to break the hdmi port on his in 2 months, but he is extremely rough on electronics and used the hdmi port daily. its probably just a loose solder joint, ill take it apart and check one of these days, need some new thermal compound first. i think my current thermal paste has reached an expiration date or something, maybe i havent been cleaning the cpu and heat sink surfaces enough. going to get some grey ice 4200 some day
  2. everything i have is cat6, it can be had for pretty cheap on amazon. my airport extreme has been very good to me when it comes to range and walls
  3. yes it is me cammy. dont really need to have all of my traffic go through a VPN, can it simply be turned off when i want to game or for netflix? I have a spare computer that i can set up at my brothers as a dedicated torrent machine that can be accessed through any computer, i could remotely access it and DL things on it and drive over to get a collection of files weekly. with this i can use a free VPN services for typical internet browsing and have a payed VPN for the DL server so i wouldnt have to buy 2 subscriptions the darknet sounds like a idea. whats your proposed idea for others to send us what they want to DL? sending a link over FB doesnt sound like a good idea. digip, i live CA. can you send me a link for socks 5 and SSH tunnels for dummies, i tried to figure it out with little success
  4. i was thinking out getting a docsis 3.0 surf board a few months ago, should have went with my gut feeling on that and got it, the stock comcast modem is crap. i found a spot near the original ISP box where i can put a modem. ill have to drill a few holes and fish down a wall and get a sh*t load of cat6. guess i should say the rest of my networking equipment, from the modem i hook up an airport extreme base station, and i have a vonage VOIP box connected to that and i have around 10 wireless devices that connect to the airport extreme, 2 computers connected through ethernet. at one time there are usually 4-5 devices using the internet, one is usually an xbox/neflix box. the whole setup is really stable with the airport extreme, everything else had issues with vonage.
  5. personally i like sager laptops, i have not tried putting linux on it yet but they come without an OS installed and have a lot of performance for the buck
  6. unfortunately i am too broke to pay for most of my content, i do try to but a lot of the time i end up pirating if it isnt on netflix or my friends dont have it. unfortunately the RIAA and the government want to ruin the internet and privacy is almost all but lost so i have a few reasons to want a payed VPN. which VPNs are very torrent friendly, have no logs and take user privacy seriously while offering the best speed possible. on a another note me and my brother would like to share the cost but we live in two different houses, would we be able to share the VPN or would we have to buy separately? i do a lot of computer repair freelance but unfortunately for anything internet related i feel pretty dumb.
  7. hey guys, i have been having a problem with my internet being too slow ever since i got it. i have comcast cable internet with a 15mbps connection and two of my neighbors on the same street have the same ISP with 15mbps but their internet is much faster. comcast is the fastest ISP in my area my theory is that there is way too much coax cable because the cable from ISP is on the other side of the house and the cable is about 80-90' long, part of that is because comcast will not do wall fishing which adds another 30' to the cable length. half of it is newer cable the other half is from the 70's. i think i might need a signal amplifier. what are your thoughts and theories?
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