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  1. I think that Moxie's sslstrip doesn't require 443 redirection in order to get the script works. Am I wrong? I didn't test the latest sslstrip module in my pineapple, but it worked like a charm. But not in all websites. I think that is because of some browser protections or https force from some sites. Am I correct? :)
  2. Try the latest upgrade (2.7.5). For me it worked like a charm.
  3. Thanks Whistle Master. I will upgrade later. I hope that the upgrade page will work now. I just want to know if someone else has similar issues Update: This time the upgrade was smooth. Very nice :)
  4. No in laptop with BT5 (soft fake ap with airebase-ng). I mentioned this to report a case which work simultaneously
  5. Thanks for the info. After the upgrade I must format again my usb stick or only to mkswap and to check if it's mounted on the pineapple? Thanks
  6. Thanks Whistle Master. I don't know if it helps but in a soft rogue AP (called AirSSL, airssl.sh) sslstrip and urlsnarf works like a charm. Yes maybe it's an iptable issue.
  7. Hi I have updated to 2.7.0 and after to 2.7.4. Both of the times pineapple started the upgrade but the page of the upgrade never refreshed (after 30 minutes) so I rebooted the pineapple and I logged in succesfully to the pineapple and it seems to work (except running sslstrip + urlsnarf at the same time and I have made a thread for that issue). Is that ok? I know that a typical flash or upgrade duration is +-5min. Why the upgrade page never refreshed? I was in panic mode in order not to brick my pineapple next time! Any ideas?
  8. So, you open in two tabs urlsnarf and ssltrip both in usb (install and log) and running together smoothly??? weird
  9. I'm running them from the module gui. I first run urlsnarf and after that in another browser tab I run the sslstrip. When the sslstrip is enabled, urlsnarf cannot print any output..and I must set it to off. I have the modules installed in USB. How do you succeed to fix that issue when you have this problem?
  10. I still can't use sslstrip and urlsnarf the same time. I must set sslstrip off in order urlsnarf to sniff :P As I said in my thread (http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28146-urlsnarf-module-simultaneously-with-sslstrip-module/#entry214006) I can run both urlsnard and sslstrip in BT5 in a fakeap script
  11. Yeah. I have both sslstrip and urlsnarf running on my laptop in Backtrack 5f3 in a Fake AP similar to Pineapple and works great. I have upgraded to 2.7.4. Reinstalled sslstrip and urlsnard and they can't run simultaneously again. Is there a fix for that?
  12. Ok thanks. I am now on 2.7.0. I think that I must manual install the new 2.7.4 and not to wait for the next stable version from the interface :)
  13. Hi guys. Is that possible? A way to backup modules + settings in the usb stick? Or we need to delete modules before upgrade and after upgrade to reinstall them? Thanks in advance
  14. Just tested in BT5 r3: mitm and sslstrip works like a charm
  15. Thanks for the files, I will setup it and I will reply with a feedback.
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