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  1. Ya, I would love to see weird, and whacky ones too. I had this idea because the day the heater broke, I had seen this: http://thechive.com/2012/10/12/epic-diy-coffee-table-with-built-in-computer-20-photos/ You could do something like that? Show off the motherboard, and sexy inerds of the machine, and hide the hard drives under the wood (or show them off, whichever suits)? I really love the server in a photo frame, and will definatly do that one day. Im even thinking of having multiple frames, with different parts in different sized frames, if possible. Shouldn't be a major problem to implem
  2. That is perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for! On a side note, are bitcoin machines worth it? Everything I've heard so far is that they are not even close to covering the cost of running the machine?
  3. Hey guys! First post! And all because I broke a heater, and got a great idea! Ha! I broke my heater, electricity gets to it, but it doesn't heat. Thought about taking it apart, and fixing it...then saw it sitting beside my computer, and an idea struck me! Why not "fix" a little computer (or even a beast of a machine?) inside the heater? It has vents all over it already. It even as a fan built in already. A power supply that pulls in up to 2000Watts. And loads of slots at the bottom for USB's, HDMI, etc. Mount this behind or near a TV, and you have a handy little server, noiseless (hopefu
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