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  1. This thing seems harder to find in the US where cell prices are already jacked up beyond belief. I'll be following this thread. (tldr:bump)
  2. WooHoo! Nevermind! I may have found the answer. It seems there just isn't enough space for sslstrip on the native device, so a properly formatted USB drive must be used to install it from the infusions list. So here were my steps to get it to work, ignoring everything else: step 1) format a usb flash drive according to: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/25882-how-to-enable-usb-mass-storage-with-swap-partition/?hl=swap (step 1.5?) I can't rule out that this is needed without someone else trying without this step. From an SSH connection to the pineapple: opkg install --dest usb sslstri
  3. most people would probably just click yes to get to whatever they're trying to do.
  4. Update: I have a 2gig microSD card connected via USB and formatted according to: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/25882-how-to-enable-usb-mass-storage-with-swap-partition/?hl=swap From then I tried: opkg install --dest usb sslstrip This took a while as it was installing a few dependencies including python 2.7. After a reboot and double-check of /etc/opkg.conf, df, and the "USB" section of the web interface on my pineapple, I tried running sslstrip. It gave me this error: root@Pineapple:~# sslstrip Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usb/usr/bin/sslstrip", line 27, in <
  5. Hello Pineapplers! I just bought and received this lovely, sexy Mk IV piece of equiment... annnd, mostly due to my newbness, and the way this thing seems to be constantly updated quicker than its documentation, I need some help. The day I got it, it was running Firmware version 2.7.0. Now I got it updated to 2.8.0. In either case, I couldn't get ssl strip to work from the "Available Infusions" list. It asked where to install, local or usb, and i chose local since i didn't have a USB formatted and set up for this thing yet. How do I get sslstrip to work? It keeps saying it's not installed, a
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