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  1. The first game was free and fun, this one looks to be a good successor #WeWereHereGame https://t.co/DnBUXy2ndu https://t.co/XFncfbu5ki

  2. @GaugePowered Could you add the option to see the original price of all games and one for the percentage off you go… https://t.co/RMZUGLIc79

  3. I entered a giveaway for a chance to win "Silver Clear Glass Dodecahedron Geometric Terrarium..." by NCYP. https://t.co/o9MTkmzQST #giveaway

  4. @thecinemasnob I don't know if TV Shows count on DVD-R Hell but if so "Scout's Safari" Probably counts...

  5. 20% Off the Bohemian Jewelry SCARF https://t.co/hzewamGpYF @DEXCEED_JEWELRY Promo Code - 52T77JTJ https://t.co/VFAKTtDS3x #giveaway

  6. @RadioAnna @wikileaks (Satire) 'Clinton's IT guy was found dead with two GSW's in the back of his head, it appears to be a suicide...'

  7. @WesterosCraft Is it possible to download the entire server map from 1.7.10? Or do you only provide downloads for each project?

  8. I GIVE UP I have just somehow broke a USB drive ( I don't know how...) it keeps on stating BAD DISK on one program and on Ubun I cant reformat it... If someone has a fix for me please tell me. I am done with this... Dev please come help. Jcc10
  9. Well that did not work, I ran Ubuntu in a VM, and re-partitioned the USB drive, it refused to mkswap, it would accept the command then freeze the SSH connection, this is turning out to be really finicky so if a DEV would like to come on here I would really like to have some official input here. Really annoyed JCC10 (PS: I have spent over 48 hours lurking the forums looking for fixes for this... still looking.)
  10. Dear Mr. Scanner. I am using a windows tool called mini tool partition wizard( Home Ed.), it formats in Ext4 and Linux swap partitions (among others) I did three tests if you would like to look at the results (Put in spoilers so I don't kill the page) Test 1: Test 2: Test 3: Now if you notice I am getting it to run, if it partitions it, tomorrow (Friday) I am going to attempt to run Linux to solve this... Be Back Soon Jcc10
  11. Well Dear sir/madam I would really like to do that but cant due to the pineapple rebooting when I insert the USB drive, I have attempted to partition it in quite a few ways one of them having a Linux swap partition when I insert it, It has yet to run proper.
  12. I have added it to the new Google Doc.
  13. Now let me start off and say this might be user error, if so you may want to update the the wiki. Hardware Version: Mark IV Firmware Version: See Below What the problem is. In detail: See Below If it is repeatable: Yes (Plug one of the listed USB's in) Any error messages or helpful log output: See References What is running on the pineapple at the time of the bug: Differs Any fixes you have discovered: Downgrading firmware has helped some. Now on to the issue: Something that has just happened to me is I got a USB drive and set it up with a SWAP partition a data partition Etc. When I plug it in the device will ether reboot, or not recognise the entire drive, forcing me to reboot, when it does reboot the WPS light just flashes and the power light is on, other than that it is a brick, you can power-cycle it (after removing the USB drive) and it returns to normal operating status, I have no Idea why it is doing this but it is getting annoying quickly. Now what some have done is downgrade the firmware, if I know of a firmware that works for a usb drive I will list it neat to the drive. List of dirves: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Arnap5k8HCLydHdHbnFhbTh0N0FaLXRaU0w3NnIzTWc Google drive so I can make it look nice I have no others to list, but there are others, please tell me what one you have and please (if you can) give wattage/voltage incase that may be the problem, if a mod wants to take control of the document PM me. References: http://forums.hak5.o...usb-port-issue/ http://forums.hak5.o..._hl__+usb +port I will try to edit this when I find out more...
  14. well your not over-dramatizing, Except about the part about the mere minutes... But that is the public conception, It seems that this is what is happening:
  15. I did not post this for political debates, this is simply a nice way of getting a scholarship to (some) collages for doing hacking of all things, at the meting the person from the FBI asked my mother if I would be interested at a payed internship when I am old enough, so this may help a lot of young (and not as young) hackers in getting jobs.
  16. I am just posting the video, if some one else has citations that would be great! Also updated OP to add a link to the hacker challenge. What do you mean we have "them" you mean a thousand world class hackers?
  17. This is about a publilc talk on why the US goverment needs white hat hackers, that I happend to go to. I made this video not thinking of posting it here, and then I made a acount to post it here. Video: Cyber test: www.cyberfoundations.org (not part of the program but by the same group) Cyber quests: uscc.cyberquests.org
  18. I'm playing android multiplayer game Paper War for 2 players! It's very addictive! http://t.co/an4i2qKc @sillycube

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