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  1. I couldnt wait any longer n decided to try this out my self, i managed to a VPN connection between pineapple and my remote backtrack VM using openVPN. I setup and configured openvpn server on my backtrack machine and the openvpn client on the pineapple and managed to get the two to work n connect. now im thinking if this next step is even possible, but what i want to try and do is have reaver run (which is on the backtrack vpn server) and use the remote pineapple (which will have the alpha card attached to it) try n attack the wps enabled AP. im guessing i would need to bridge mon0 from pineapple to tun/tap ? any experts pls if u could comment on this...
  2. thank god iv not bricked mine but im going to buy the same one u got looks pretty awesome n small. have u used it yet?
  3. thx for the module. its not working well. few notes: i noticed when using ssh wash never picks up the AP that have WPS enabled over ssh airodump-ng doesnt pickup the same results to the web GUI. the web gui seems to get better results. n finally it doesnt attack :( even with 50% range just channel hops
  4. Thx for your response, appreciate your effort to help. the wifi is down and after a region change it only allows me to set txpower to 0 i set the region to BO n it accepts that. it wont even allow me to set the txpower back to 20 dBm. also im logged in as root. i think the problem is with the openwrt's firmware,iv searched their forum couldn't find much that helped..
  5. Hi guys i was trying to change the txpower on an external alfa wireless card (to get a better transmittion) via ssh on the pineapple but was not able to do so, has anybody tried to change it? the commands i run are iw reg set BO < this command runs fine > iwconfig wlan1 txpower 30 < here i get the following error > Error for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26) : SET failed on device wlan1 ; invalid argument. maybe i should have a look on the openwrt forum but figured id ask on here also..
  6. thinkin of creating a module :)

  7. hey i got mine to work! it turned out to be a power issue as i was using a unpowered 4 port USB hub. i added an extra battery pack connected it to the USB hub and it worked. let me know if u still struggle i can write more on how i figured it out...
  8. awesome, i have setup a linux cloud vps with digitalocean.com and have the pineapple reverse ssh connect to the vps, ontop of that i have a hostname from dyndns.org point to the vps ip address so incase the ip ever changes i would only need to change it on dyndns and not reconfigure pineapple with a new ip address.
  9. Im facing the same problem will try n figure it out n if i do will post an update.
  10. Hey I finally was able to purchase my pineapple using an American VISA card. i think the issue is with international visa cards cause i tired using one from Dubai but it wouldnt work then tried a virtual visa i bought from entropay which i believe they are European and it wouldnt work either. I do wish hak5 used paypal or other payment gateways for international purchases. and in regards to shipment UPS is awesome they deliver fast! paying 100 $ to have it shipped with in a few days is worth it. Thank you all for your support! @Darren Kitchen & @Shannon Morse Thank you also for your great site and services :D
  11. its just strange i am able to use the card with any site and never faced this. i guess what we want most in life we never get . Shannons goin to try and look into it. if it really is my card then i guess i will have to buy it from ebay or some where else which i really dont want to do. Thanks for everything again! i will update when i finally get this resolved :)
  12. @digip thanks for your reply, I had Emailed hak5shop@gmail.com and got a reply back from Shannon saying "Please try another method of payment." so i tried another Card but its now giving me a gateway error message. Then called shopify.com and they only offer support to merchants that use their domain/service and said it was possible there something wrong with the shop i am making the purchase from. So I figured I would post on here and see if other shoppers are experiencing the same issue. I will try to send em a direct email Thank you again
  13. now i am getting "There was an error processing your payment please try again" strange! the card works with every other merchant .
  14. Hello, Has anybody experienced issues with the hak5 shop lately ? I tried using two different credit cards to make a purchase but it gives me "Error from gateway, Your card was decline" The funny thing is it doesn't even show up with the bank that the payment attempt was ever made. I tried contacting support but they couldnt help me much. It seems like its an issue with the hak5 payment gateway. :(
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