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  1. For downgrade firmware 3.0 to 2.81 Download the firmware from this website. Call it something like upgrade-2.8.1.bin Copy the downloaded upgrade-2.8.1.bin file to your pineapple's /tmp/ directory with winscp for example Run the md5sum command in ssh with putty on the uploaded like "md5sum upgrade-2.8.1.bin" file and make sure it matches the one from the downloads page. If the MD5 sum matches, execute sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/upgrade-2.8.1.bin Wait for the reboot and you are done. That s work 100% but please wait don t try to do anything before reboot.
  2. did you test with another power supply ? (i mean adapter plug in wall outlet). is your hub external supplied or not ? WBR
  3. Hello there. So i found a acceptable solution. It look like the Fstab mount the Sd card and the 3G script is disturbed by the Fstab .... What i do is : disable the option enable in the fs tab : option enabled 0 Both for sda1 and sda2 now i put this in WPS button script : mount /dev/sda /usb mount /dev/sda1 /usb Now after booting, i wait untill del stop blinking. I push the button ( i push two times because maybe i should put some tempo...) Now i look in my ressources and my Sd card is mounted on /usb. Everything works fine after that . But i can not enjoy Autostart from SSLstrip... Maybe a master can found another, better issue to this problem. Best Regards Firewall1   
  4. I try both with 2.7.7 and 2.8.0 and i have same problem. But like you if i "mount /dev/sda /usb" it mount the card (with error message).
  5. @Boba Fett Thank you for your help. Yes this is what i was thinking but i try without mount 3G on boot and the problem is exactly the same. Any other ideas? Did someone already mount µSD inside 3G modem ? Did someone use USB Hub ? Firewall1
  6. Thank you for your answer. I try with your FStab and it is the same. Mount for few seconds and then disepear. I think maybe a problem when mounting the 3G connection. Any other ideas ? thanks in advance Firewall1
  7. I spend my day on this problem so with the result maybe some master can help me : 1) factory reset => paste 3G script : can see swap mounted and sda1 mounted for few second after reboot.... after few second, sda1 diseapear. 2) format scard for remove swap. make 3.9Gb partition => factory reset : sda1 mounted for few second after reboot.... after few second, sda1 diseapear. can thishelp people forhelp me ? Thanks Firewall1
  8. Hi to all. i want to use my USB 3G modem on pineapple MK4 box. i succeeded to use the modem by this script : *12d1:1506*) echo "Huawei E303F detected. Attempting mode switch" uci delete network.wan2 uci set network.wan2=interface uci set network.wan2.ifname=ppp0 uci set network.wan2.proto=3g uci set network.wan2.service=umts uci set network.wan2.device=/dev/ttyUSB0 uci set network.wan2.apn=myapnname uci set network.wan2.username=myusernameoperator uci set network.wan2.password=mypasswordoperator uci set network.wan2.defaultroute=1 uci commit network usb_modeswitch -v 12d1 -p 1506 sleep 10; rmmod usbserial sleep 3; insmod usbserial vendor=0x12d1 product=0x1506 sleep 5; /etc/init.d/firewall disable; /etc/init.d/firewall stop logger "3G: firewall stopped" iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o 3g-wan2 -j MASQUERADE iptables -A FORWARD -s -o 3g-wan2 -j ACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -d -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -i 3g-wan2 -j ACCEPT ;; Ok now i would like to mount the 4Gb µSD that i have inside this key. So my card is Ext4 formatted with 1Gb for Swap (Ext4) and a 3Gb for data (Ext4) (i follow instructions i found in forum). Now is the problem: 1) in /dev , the name of Sdcard is sdb. so i modify the fstab with the following options : config global automount option from_fstab 1 option anon_mount 1 config global autoswap option from_fstab 1 option anon_swap 0 config mount option target /usb option device /dev/sdb option fstype ext4 option options rw,sync option enabled 1 option enabled_fsck 0 config swap option device /dev/sda2 option enabled 0 if i do that, i can see my 3Gb partion on ressources /dev/sda1 2.9G 68.4M 2.7G 2% /mnt/sda1 But at this step i can not use USB storage (look like not found by pineapple). if i check in /mnt at this step i have sda1 and sda2 present. now i try to mount swap on sda2, so i change config swap to: config swap option device /dev/sda2 option enabled 1 i update FStab and i "mkswap /dev/sda2" i reboot now i can see my swap : Swap: 787180 76 787104 but i can not see my 3Gb partition. Can somebody help me with this pb please ? Thanks in advance Firewall1
  9. Thank you for your reply , the issue of all my problems was the browser ( ie is big s..t) I install chrome and all work perfectly now. Have a good day :D
  10. I just aquire my pineapple mk4 is was on firmware 2.4.1 then i update the box 2.7.0 correctly. But i have some trouble like when i try to mount the monitor ,.enable or disable wlan0 with reaver that not work i cannot scan any ap. In command line reaver works perferctly. I try to reinstall firmware manually , i try to downgrade upgrade again . Same problem Any comments will be welcome. Thank to all for your help. May be my hardware have some trouble i don t know.
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