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  1. $stmt->bind_param('i', $postNum); Should be: $stmt->bind_param(1, $postNum);
  2. Hey guys, Been a while since I've updated you. Aircrack-NGUI now supports profiles on most of its completed pages (sans Wireshark at the moment due to its massive 50 or so options). That means you can create, save, and recall configurations at the drop of a hat (no need to make scripts!). You can also delete profiles for pages on the Settings screen. CSV and HTML exports were added to Discover Networks and Discover Hosts, and you can save program output to a TXT or HTML file. You can also save network card configuration information to a text file for later recall. I do have some good stuff planned in the future including: SET (Social-Engineer Toolkit) MDK (Murder Death Kill) Default profiles (automatically load a specific profile when you launch a window) Option to log the commands NGUI does to a text file for script-creating or educational purposes (so you can hack a wireless network using NGUI and then review what command-line arguments accomplished this, or use those outputted commands to create a bash script) Please try out NGUI and let me know what you think!
  3. Well, here's what I would do. I would execute nmap through my Java application (look up Java Process object and reading from the InputStream). From the output of nmap, I would determine if an IP has port 80 open. If so, I would make an HTTP Request for that IP and store the result into a string. Then, I would parse the string for the information I need. Finally, display it on the interface.
  4. If you can't find something that works, make it yourself. I know, just by what you listed, I could write a program to do that in Java.
  5. I'm writing a hacking utility (see http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27053-aircrack-ngui-graphical-interface-to-aircrack-ng-dsniff-nmap-and-more/) and am running into a question of choice. I'm trying to add Windows support to the app so Windows and Linux users can experience the hacking goodness. The problem is that (almost) every program I invoke on the already-developed Linux end needs to have a Windows equivalent to work properly. This could take a large amount of time and result in two forms per feature, one for Linux and one for Windows. My (somewhat) solution would be to make Cygwin a requirement for Windows systems so I can continue to use my Linux syntax in a Windows system. Problem with this is that a terminal window will always be open (to send my Linux commands to) and parsing could be a little bit more difficult, but not as difficult as multiple forms. So, my question boils down to that of programming experience: should I have my app do native Windows calls to get and set the information it needs, or should I use an emulating suite like Cygwin so I can keep my existing Linux commands at a price? >inb4 "Why Windows?" - My app isn't getting as much traction as I'd like, so I think supporting Windows might generate more interest.
  6. Is it just the browser Java plugin? Not the actual compiler/interpreter?
  7. Taking a short break from this to scratch my game development itch. I'll be back to work on it later in the coming months.
  8. Trying to re-rail the thread... It's actually a mix between the two that you stated. The Westboro Baptist Church hacking was a gray-hat act. White hat: Network security professionals who hack to improve security Gray hat: Taking down Neo Nazi sites or hacking other sites that some people would agree is "okay" and some would disagree Black hat: Hurr durr, I have your credit card number. As indicated by the thread, it's a gray-hat act. A majority of the people in America (if not the world) would agree that with all the hate that the WBC is spewing, they need to be silenced. It takes a special kind of special to think that God sent the gunman to kill innocent children because "fags could now get married in Connecticut." But, at the same time, silencing them would be an infringement on free speech. You're allowed to say whatever you want in this country as long as it doesn't invoke mass panic. First amendment. So, you hit on the topic on people who abuse their rights. Should people who abuse their rights have them taken away? The government isn't going to because it would just give the WBC more to bitch about. So, you have a group that wants to protest the death of innocent children and a government who won't do anything about it. Where does that leave you? The best kind of justice. Vigilante justice. Writing this post I realize that Anonymous reminds me of Batman. They're the heroes we deserve, just not the heroes we need right now. So we'll hunt them. Because they can take it. Because they're not our hero. They're a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Hacker. Sorry for the cheesiness. Vigilante justice will always have the people who support it and people who are against it. It really depends on the action. Either way, though, vigilante justice is vigilante justice. It's illegal.
  9. This thread is making me rage so hard. I hate the stupidity of the education system.
  10. I tried playing TF2 on my box but I just get a black screen and the sound of the Valve opening, but nothing else. apt-get remove steam
  11. Couldn't you set your computer's DNS servers to be something completely bogus, and then keep a file on a network share drive that you link on all your computers that stands for the DNS? In basic terms, disable public DNS and have a file on your network that all of your computers use as local DNS.
  12. Single player mode vs multiplayer mode is a little bit like making love. Single player mode is playing with yourself, and multiplayer mode is having sex with lots of other people, some who you don't know, some who you might. For some it'll be a new experience that you can share together, others might be more experienced and guide you through it so you're not scared and you feel safe. Just always remember to wear a condom.
  13. That's so wrong with Wireshark that you feel compelled to write a program like it?
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