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  1. Hi I just joined after watching a few of the HAK5 youtube videos and going on a spending spree in the HAK5 shop. Just something if you have got a shiny new Alfa modem and have not tried it yet. I got an Alfa Network AWUS036H the other day from a local store and thought it was DOA After pulling it to pieces I noticed that one of the pins on the usb socket had snapped off and after looking at the connector on the supplied cable I noticed a burr inside. So I am assuming that when I pushed the cable in, I crushed the pin. So now I am fitting a new socket to the modem yey, okay so I could just take it back but that would not be as much fun. I will post back later when I have tried it. USB connector of doom! I will be double checking the connectors on all of my stuff before I push it together now. Well at least until I forget how much of a PINA it was to fit a new surface mount connector. I need to cut my nails too.
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