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  1. Im getting into the sec field and im still very new to it, i was given a assignment by a mentor of sorts to find different information on a packet capture, i was able to find the log in names and passwords from it but i cannot find the other information for the life of me. I am using Wireshark and ive searched high and low on Google and other forums and the like to find my answers and still they elude me. Below is the information i need to find, what im asking for is just a point in the direction of where to find it on a packet capture on Wireshark. Software Versions Files Listings Protocols(im guessing its TCP, but not sure if that's what hes asking for or if there is another location) any help would be appreciated in trying to better understand how to read these packets.
  2. I havent but ive been going through the site so ill read that now as well. yah just PM me your contact info and ill get you on lunch.
  3. Digi, would it be ok if i got in touch with you privately? email or something? have a few more things i would like to touch base with you on. PM me with info if your willing.
  4. So how do i know ill be able to learn enough to fight against people that have been doing this since they were like..12 lol. Im REALLY interested in Penn testing and things of that nature but other then school i dont know where to start. ive checked out the getting started post here and im going through the pod casts on there but other then that, what else can i do...i dont know the first thing about writing code or reading it or anything of that nature...i feel like...im someone that wants to fly a boeing airplane and all ive done is thrown a paper air plane lol HELP!
  5. Sadly ive heard alot of talk of people who are "natural "hackers"" being the ones who will get the security jobs over people with degrees. So is it even worth it for me...someone who is so committed and really loves this industry and wants to better myself but isnt a natural hacker and is trying to learn and be just as good or better then these people..do i really stand a chance?
  6. Hey all, More or less what i want to know is from all of you in the security world, is it really worth it going to school and getting that piece of paper saying i did it? or does it really not matter when it comes to companies hiring for jobs like this? Im currently enrolled and completing a BS in what they call "cyber security" but its just a network/info sec BS degree. I want to know more or less if its worth it or not. do you think i can study and get the same info and take the cert test and do just as well as someone with a degree? any info would be awesome.
  7. Hey all, first post so im not sure as to where to put it, but i read about this coming out recently and wanted to share with the Hak5 community. http://www.extremetech.com/computing/138363-the-cia-de-blurs-license-plates-from-outer-space-now-you-can-too-for-free if its TL:DR for you then basically what it is, is a program that allows you to remove blurr from photos or things like Google maps and the like, as far as i know its legal, i haven't found anything stating otherwise.
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