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  1. It reads i13200. I am using that cable. I'd like to try to do some load tests on the pack to see if there is a minimum load it needs to stay on. I can charge my phone and tablet off of it easily, but they have a larger draw than the pineapple. I've tried charging and discharging the battery, but I get the same results when the pineapple is plugged into it, shuts off after about 20 seconds.
  2. Hi all, I recently got a pineapple juice battery pack from the hakshop. The model number on the back is i13200. It seems that the pineapple juice battery pack automatically shuts off if there isn't a large enough load placed on it. If I just plug in the wifi pineapple and turn the battery on, the pineapple starts to boot, but the battery turns off after about 20 seconds or so. If, however, I plug something else into the pineapple juice battery along with the wifi pineapple, then the pineapple juice battery will stay on and continue to power the wifi pineapple. Is this normal behavior? I imagine that it is the design of the pineapple juice battery so it doesn't continue to try to charge a cellphone or tablet once the device is already charged. Has anyone else run into this issue with the pineapple juice battery?
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