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  1. edit: after browsing for a long time and watching a ton of videos, i just realized there is a wiki... *facepalm* so you can disregard what I say below, or use it as motivation for a video tutorial. Though it doesnt get much easier than this: (below this line is what I typed before I found the wiki) I just got mine and am worried about messing something up during setup. I've been watchcing hak 5 videos about the pineapple and reading this jasager forums for 8-10 hours and I still feel like I dont know how to set it up. Can someone experienced do an "out-of-the-box" how-to setup with backtra
  2. Your all's kindness has literally blown my mind. In every other avenue where I have looked for help everyone is like shut up noob, read the stickies and search for things online. I HAVE done that, and it's overwhelming trying to decide where to start because I'd rather not spend 20 hours of my life learning some small part of security or some small part of linux that i'll only use once. /rant Thank all of you all for your support and encouragement!
  3. Wow guys. Thank you all so much. I've been knee deep in it since you all posted your responses. I'm currently watching a video on metasploit by vivek on securitytube. I plan on learning linux the hard way when i get bored of these videos :P once again, thanks guys.
  4. Well, I haven't browsed enough to know if there is an introduction forum, but I'll go ahead and say hello here in my first post. My name is John, but I go by d1sc1ple01, obviously. I am a pretty big CS fan, and I'm getting into a decent amount of programming. I had a course on python, then c++, and now I'm teaching myself php and html5 on the side. However, like most people, hacking has always been super intriguing to me. My buddy showed me how to crack some windows passwords with bt5r3 and then we both learned how to crack wep and wpa2 wifi together. Since then, i've wanted to do more but h
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