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  1. newbiewa

    Exact Os

    Hi !! Thanks for the links and books.... have a great day guys Regards, Ewa
  2. Hi guys thanks for the suggestion and i fixed the problem ! just want to know how will i find the servers on the network with nmap? i know the command is the same nmap [/CODE] but what information me indicate a system as a server? the port information? is it okay to ask it here or shall i start a new post? Best Regards, Ewa
  3. newbiewa

    Exact Os

    Hi digip! Grateful to you for such an informative answer... i bet one can not find such detail and precise answers in the books. But i'll act on your reading suggestion Big thanks Regards, Ewa
  4. newbiewa

    Exact Os

    Hi digip ! thanks for such a nice advice... i'll try to catch up btw i'm on the same network and scanning my neighbours computer just two feet away and i have permission as well... when i give a command nmap -O [/CODE] my ip is and it is returning Running: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME|NT/2k/XP OS details: Microsoft windows Millennium Edition (Me), Windows 2000 Professional or advanced Server, or Windows XP that's why i asked this Question even i know my neighbour is using Windows XP... but just wanted to know from the Gurus in the field.. for that i need tons of books???? for you it is just a one line answer but anyways i'll keep your advice thanks once again for your patience Regards, Ewa
  5. there is no way to fix it on this one because i'm on a network and i can't download or update a new version, i have no rights... :(
  6. I'm using Zenmap 5.00... is there any way to check version from command line?
  7. Hi Digip! Thanks for explaination and i'll look for network classes and it is taking a lot of time to execute nmap [/CODE] is it normal? and second the code you provided says Scantype C not supported [CODE] nmap -sC -sV -Pn --open --reason [/CODE] Many Thanks for your reply Sincere Regards, Ewa
  8. newbiewa

    Exact Os

    Hi Guys... i'm trying to find os of my neighbor computer on the network with this command nmap -O [/CODE] but why can't nmap detect exactly OS??? just want to know the technical answer Thanks in Advance... Regards, Ewa
  9. Hi Guys... with ipconfig i got two networks.. one hubbed_network and 2nd switched_netowkr Hubbed_network ip address... subnet Mask ... Switched_network: Dns Suffix is seclab Ip address ... .. subnet Mask ..... Default Gateway... so now my question is how to find the range of this network??? i tried nmap 10.1.10.x nmap 169.254.254.x [/CODE] but it says: Failed to resolve give hostname/ip: 169.254.254.x. Note that you can't user '/mask' and '[1-4,7,100-]' style ip ranges 0 hosts scanned, 0 ip address (0 hosts up) and explain the range i have provided is not correct btw i'm using Windows XP [b]and can i find which ports are open on that range??[/b] Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Guys ! I want to know what ip number range is used on my network... just want to confirm whether i'm using the right command? nmap[/CODE] and if you could also explain how it works... btw thanks in advance Regards, Ewa
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