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  1. Hardware: Mark IV Firmware: 2.7.0 Problem: The "change root password" field under the "advanced" tab is not sanitized. Spaces within passwords can be entered with ease, but anything after the space will not be included in the password. Along with spaces, other things like semicolons will function just as they would within the commandline. This isn't a very large issue, just a bit of an annoyance. It took me almost half an hour to figure out why my huge password wasn't working. See for yourself: In the change password field, enter in password ; echo OhNoes >> /OhNoes.txt[/CODE]. This will set your password to "password" and then make a text file in your root directory called "OhNoes.txt".[/size] [size=3]Again, this isn't much of a problem, still a bug though.[/size]
  2. Hi, I just have some questions about a piece of hardware that I found recently. This USB dongle, created by Alfa for a company called "x-consepts" in Dubai, is claimed to have some pretty amazing specs. 5000mw output, 3000m range, and 36dbi gain... But that's all the specs. Nothing on the actual hardware. - http://www.aliexpres.../629933945.html What I'm curious about is if anyone has more info on these dongles, and if anyone thinks that it is worth the $30 to buy one and test it. Also, if I were to buy one, is it possible to use a spitter to allow large directional antennae to work with the double antenna jacks? Thanks for any help. :D - and yes, I have scoured google for more info.
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