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  1. I'm running my mk4 (firmware 2.8.0) with my laptop (Ubuntu 12.04), with the laptop on wifi to get internet to the pineapple (pretty standard). I'm running sslstrip and tcpdump on the laptop, rather than the pineapple. I've gotten ssh tunneling to work on the laptop, so I can use a friend's router as a socks proxy for web browsing, but I can't figure out how to make the pineapple's traffic use that proxy as well. To set up the proxy, I just do "ssh <ip address> -p 443 -D 8080", then use the network settings in Ubuntu to set the SOCKS proxy to Is there any way to make t
  2. I've been setting up my Galaxy Note to work with my mk4, firmware 2.6.3. I know that there was trouble with getting MTP to work with the pineapple, so I enabled USB debugging. From what I understand, this puts the phone in USB Mass Storage mode, instead of MTP. From here, how would I go about using my phone for mass storage, so I don't have to deal with a USB hub? Is it possible?
  3. Oh, sorry. I guess I misunderstood it. Thanks for the help. Edit: Excuse my inexperience, but if I have any open networks "remembered" on my laptop, then karma will work?
  4. No, it's WPA, but the laptop is set to remember the network, so I don't have to type the pass in.
  5. I've been working with my mk4 to get some phishing pages set up. Most of the work is done, but karma isn't working. I've got my pineapple plugged into my desktop, and when I turn on my laptop, it will automatically connect to my home AP instead of the pineapple. The laptop doesn't show up on the pineapple webpage, so I'm sure it's not connected. It works fine if I manually connect to the pineapple. I'm sure that karma's enabled, the laptop is much closer to the pineapple than my home AP, and I am running firmware 2.6.3. Any help would me much appreciated, thanks.
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