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  1. maybe i was wrong on the 256mb. that is a huge list. and it would take months to get through to crack just one router. I also looked at cupps, and that would be great if i knew the info to input. a well... i guess its off to the store and get a 2tb hard drive. Crunch will now generate the following amount of data: 1939513061376 bytes 1849663 MB 1806 GB 1 TB 0 PB Crunch will now generate the following number of lines: 176319369216
  2. Boredy bored bored bored...

  3. I tried crunh and it's a program I would use to build NEW custom wordlists. what I was wondering is if there was a program that can modify an EXISTING wordlists. An extra 256gb of storage space is something i don't have laying around. If there is such a program I would like to know.
  4. I don't know if this is a newbie/scriptkitty question, but I've looked on the internet for one and have heard on the show about a similar one. Is there such a script or program or even a website that will take a dictionary.txt/dictionary.dic file and modify it to add numbers to the words. (Ex. hello = hello1, hello01 hello 001...) It seems like that is the only thing i'm missing. I'm doing some pen testing on my router and the password resemles (passwordNNNN) It is a default from the ISP and I was going to epicly "Take that!" to a frind of mine. When i was watching an onld episode of Hak.5 i heard darren talk about a similar program that turnes words to 1337 speak. That got me wondering about an option to add special characters or number to a particular area of the dictionary words. (IE.beginning-end, every other, similar pattern.) if there is one for linux and I didn't see or search for it right, please let me know. I'm new here; long time Hak.5 viewer; and don't really know where to post quiestions like these. So if this is the incorrect place, I apologise. time on the computer these days seems to run thin. Thank you in advance for you replies.
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