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  1. That's because it is not on port 80 the administration panel of your pineapple, now going through the port 1471 Sorry for my English, I am Spanish and use a translator to write
  2. Thanks for clearing the doubt. Checking the battery :)
  3. Is that the cable I have is the same as saying that I buy these, but is not given enough mA's why I do not quite go well. I will look to buy a battery as comets with sufientes mA to operate it well away from home. Would be helpful or drums? would not create any problem in my wifi pineapple http://www.amazon.com/5600mAh-External-Battery-Charger-Flashlight/dp/B005K7192G Thanks for your help
  4. Learning to use the wifi pineapple

  5. First of all, I wanted to apologize for my English, which is very bad and I am Spanish. Thing a few months ago I received my WiFi Pineapple and truth, I am very happy although I have little time to try to play with it. A few days ago I found here in Spain a USB cable with the power outlet to feed WiFi Pineapple usb THROUGH my laptop and it can go anywhere and play. What happens esque when I put the USB cable to the WiFi Pineapple LED lights flash a bit, but apparently not enough because the fed will not finish booting neither wifi nor ssh nor web panel, we do not nothing just lights. I looked
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