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  1. Hi Peter, No worries, I will try as a 'real' client using IE , Chrome etc...I did try from an iPad, but that doesn't count for much :-) Ross.
  2. Hi Peter, Interesting point. Am using Firefox 15 on Win7 x64...I'll check tomorrow with IE et al. As I mentioned I haven't tried from a 'real' client yet, just used the preview images on the Pineapple UI. Will let you know the outcome. Ross.
  3. Hi All, Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but when clicking on the preview images of the rolls in the setup page the only one that seems to have any sound is the Rainbow Chicken one, all the rest are mute :-( I havent tested this from a "real client" as yet but would expect the result to be the same, any ideas? Regards, Ross.
  4. Hi Seb, Thanks for the quick response, no problem. Glad I could help out...happy to be a beta tester if you need any... :) Ross.
  5. Hi, Maybe I'm missing something but since upgrading to 2.6.2 it is no longer possible to start URLSnarf or DNSSpoof from the Status page. I click on start and it just stays set to disabled, also if I install the UrlSnarf and DNSSpoof infusions the status of both these is shown as not installed in the relevant status page. I had upgraded from 2.6.1. I have also rolled back to 2.5.0 and can confirm all works as it should there. Any ideas? Here is the line from the DNSSpoof log: /www/pineapple/dnsspoof/dnsspoof.sh: line 2: dnsspoof: not found Looks like the paths may be hosed?
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