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  1. cool thanks for the responses.... i am also just looking for something or anything better than having multiple pineapple juice battery packs to run pineapple + wifi card + dongle + sd card.... and right now i only have 1 battery so it limits things and just plugging it in ha only kinda works trying to troll friends who come over...
  2. it appears to be a kickstarter for a solar powered phone/tablet recharger. is it too small/not powerful enough? or something to kick around as a possible idea http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wakawakalight/wakawaka-power-the-best-compact-solar-power-statio
  3. wow interesting so....sorry im not familiar with workstation (parallels or virtualbox here) is that on a usb plugged into the pineapple or seperate server/cloud service?
  4. is this going to make it for 2.7? or some future firmware release cause yeah i guess i was looking for some easy way to just back it all up cause recently i seem to be reflashing often (sometimes it says the driver for my wirelesscard isn't found...)
  5. url snarf seems to not be styling correctly with 2.7? i just did a fresh install to 2.7 installed the module clicked it and the picture was the result...while the others are working/styling fine -because i really was just trying to click enable logs to usb and run the autostart but can't click the options (minus reaver telling me reaver isn't installed but thats a different thread ;) )
  6. thank you nice writeup those were basically everything i was doing except the dchp request was i guess timing out or never coming back....never giving an ip... (i almost think i need to just start over fresh:readfactory reset: on it) but the pictures and instructions help alot
  7. i believe it needs to be a *powered* usb hub.... i am also actually using the one linked above pondering though what to do if i want it in the wild because it needs to be powered. hak5 season 11 episodes on ssh...talk about that you can ssh into it if youre on the same network....but they explain a different way in the =chance that you are farther away from it....
  8. bah i ended up using a slightly modified / trial and errored version of this: somehow...after multiple reboots multiple plugging and replugging things it it now sits accessing my wifi
  9. ok so: i have the alfa nha plugged into powered usb hub. pineapple plugged into wall via plug... through ssh into the pineapple (computer connected to pineapple ssid) i can turn wlan1 up (blue light) and it shows up in network manager (the auto detect doesn't seem to find it or turn it on) by clicking access points (like 5th reboot though) i finally get the list to show up pick my native wifi ssid set the password from the router but i can't seem to get a wireless connection... noob part(or maybe its not): client access point adhoc? i tried what was listed on the first screen shot but no luck... channel security ssid shared key all the same as router sorry if this has been covered i've been lurking.... set this thing up via OSX 10.6 snowleopard ;) so i can get internet tethering that way i just wondered about getting this alfa card up cause it doesnt have drivers for osx....
  10. what language is it in? i'm also kind of interested...just don't know where to start
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