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  1. I'm away from my pineapple at the moment but I remember that it's where u set the admin broadcast name and the guest one. They will both take the same channel. In regards to ur question about the channel changing, it doesn't actually do that, it'll scan for the ssids via channel hopping but it'll have the devices connect on the channel that u select on the screen mentioned above. Also to note, if u set ur home wifi to channel 1, make sure to set ur pineapple to something like channel 3 if people in ur are are not using that one. The channels can conflict with slight overlap. For example channel 2 may conflict slightly with channel 1 and 3. And channel 3 may conflict if lots of channel 2 or 4 exist, etc. hopefully this helps. Let me know if ur still unable to find the correct tile. I can check when I'm home. Keep me in the loop of ur progress, I'll happily help. Cheers!
  2. Hey guys. I've been noticing this as a common issue on the forums where clients are not able to connect to the Pineapple. One thing to keep note of is the fact that most routers seem to default to wireless channel 11 including the pineapple (this has been my observation and I could be wrong). Just to be safe, do a scan of the AP's that are broadcasting in ur vicinity and then choose a wireless channel for ur pineapple that isn't in use. I tend to choose 1 or 2. This may help allow devices to connect. Let me know if this helps or if u need more help. Cheers!
  3. Hellos Based on ur antenna setup (maybe change the yagi to wlan2 if the client AP is far away), I'd leave the wlan0 & wlan1 alone as they are the Pineapple's main PineAP interfaces and probably have the wlan2 connect to the AP. After that, you'd want to use either that same interface (because that's the one that's connected to the network)with ur infusions (ettercap) if you are trying to see information on that network or the br-lan interface if you have clients connected to your Pineapple and wish to use your infusions on them. Hopefully this answers your question or at least helps. Let me know if you need a better explanation, I don't mind! :-)
  4. Has this issue been addressed yet? I still can't seem to have devices connect over wireless. Tried with a wide range of devices with no luck. The new firmware didn't help either. I've emailed the HakShop twice over the past few weeks about my pineapple being a dud. Please; anyone, Darren, Seb, anyone help me out. I'm in Canada and really want to make another purchase but am hoping to have the pineapple dealt with first in hopes it can all be handled in one order. Thanks guys, I know that you are extremely busy.
  5. I'm pretty stumped with this one too. I've even get this issue from factory fresh flash. I'm really surprised that this issue isn't being addressed. Is it possible that a good handful of us have duds? I can't seem to pin point the issue to a certain device either. Initially thought it was an iPhone thing. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  6. In response to d0n350n: If you are enabling mon0 via wlan0 then in order for the mon0 to not have the locked channel, you need to "ifconfig wlan0 down" after enabling mon0. If u keep the wlan0 interface up, it stays locked on a certain channel. If you plan on using wlan1 to enable mon0 or others; same deal, you have to turn the wlan1 interface down after enabling the monitor. Same if u had more interfaces ie: wlan2. Hopefully this helps guys!
  7. I'm curious, when ur trying this is ur WLAN0 (if ur using wlan0 for the mon0) set to up? If so, that's ur problem. With it up, it sort of locks the device onto a certain channel. Try with "ifconfig wlan0 down" and see if that helps.
  8. I don't suppose u have a date for the module release? Looking forward to it. Havent quite found the time to try it manually yet. Good job again with all the modules Whistlemaster
  9. Awesome job whistlemaster. If you need a beta tester, let me know!
  10. Update: I ended up getting a swift response from JJD. He fixed the site. Changemac is back. I can't seem to close or remove the topic. Maybe mods can? Thanks all, especially Jjd!
  11. Hey all. I know this is a long shot, but I don't suppose anyone has a copy of JJD's changemac script? The site that had the install.sh script that's posted earlier in the forum has removed it. It's super convenient and would love to get my hands on it. Thanks a bunch pineapple community, keep up the good work!
  12. Thanks guys for all the info and quick replies. Odd that noone seems to have a working solution. Was looking through BT5 for any tools that'd force it open, but doesn't seem to be any, at least not that I've found. Anywho, I'm using a different brand for now. Just nervous for it to happen again, and it'll keep nagging in my mind to figure out a solution. Thanks again all!
  13. First of all, I love Hak 5 and u guys have done amazing work with the pineapple. I recieved my Mark IV a few days ago. I got the elite package with the 4gb USB. Set it up with he swap and for a couple days it worked great. All of a sudden, the pineapple can't write to the USB. Turns out the USB is now write protected. I have only used it with the pineapple. I can't seem to get the write protection off, can't format or remove the partitions. Tried with Fdisk, Gparted, disk utility (which says the system is NOT clean, but doesnt fix), LL-format tools in windows and pretty much every other solution I could find online. I did just recently update to the 2.6.1 with the cruzer plugged in. Then it works no more. I would just get another one, but I hate having an issue I can't figure out. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thanks again guys. I Love my Pineapple!!!
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